Memphis, Tennessee, USA
BandHip Hop

Hardface has dedicated his life to write, produce and perform his art at it's purest and most undiluted form. His multidimensional style is unprecedented. He delivers brutally honest lyrical acrobatics laced with cynical humor and creativity to elaborately and pleasingly keep his listeners engaged


Elliott “HARDFACE” Nelson is a 33-year old spoken word artist, writer, actor and producer from Memphis, TN .He has been a musician for more than 20 years. Being fed up with what was being forced into society through the radio TV and even the press he decide to do something about it. So he locked himself in his home studio for 5 years producing his own music until he evolved into a musical and lyrical genius. He has been performing all over the country and winning two national poetry slams Twisted tongues in Atlanta and NAALC at Rust in Mississippi. Elliott has also had some success with getting his music played on the oxygen network Bad Grls club "Not a happy camper" episode. He performs every chance he gets. His goal is to create classical musical and lyrical masterpieces that everyone can enjoy. Elliott has created his own genre of entertainment by combining the stage presence of a comedian, the power of spoken word, the cunning of a pimp, the soul of a philosopher and the intensity of a preacher to deliver mind blowing spine tingling lyrics. Controversial but yet thought provoking, and innovative, Hardface delivers a riveting unforgettable performance the audience is sure to enjoy.
The purpose of my music is to create a style unprecedented to mankind by evolving and going above and beyond expectations and give the audience what they want with a little bit of what they need. I'll do what ever it takes to get my point across rap ,sing, dance, theater, comedy or anything it takes to keep the audience captivated. I understand we live in a world where people have seen it all. But Not until you've seen "THE IMMORTAL HARDFACE"


I have one Album in stores now entitled The Public Execution.

Set List

Hardface performs his crowd favorites I need a pill, The Niggas will buy it , Real Talk, Niggerology Misery, Dollfootz and Ultimate Fukin . Lasting from 30 minute to an hour. I Perform 4 to 6 songs and I'm willing to do more if the crowd wants it.