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HardHead Records LLC

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The hottest movement from the northeast in the world of Hip Hop/Pop/RnB. We give you everything you could need or want from a label. HardHead has appeared on numerous mixtapes, TV. Spots and radio interviews.


HardHead Records: A full service Indie recording label from the New England area. Its members include, Puppit, Nino Brown, Lifestylez, D-Ruckuz, and Harv. HardHead has appeared on numerous mixtapes, TV. Spots and radio interviews with sales totaling over 5,000 overall. Including their debut 2004 release, “ HardHead Records presents The Mixtape” (which was featured in a many articles and reviews, most notable T.R.U.E. Magazine). The Mixtape sold over 1,000 copies in its first four months and was hosted by former Hot 97.7 on air personality Peter Parker. Effectively broadcasting our movement to the Boston Metro area and starting a hip hop movement which is still growing to this day.

HardHead currently is registered as a LLC based out of Boston Mass. Each member of the label is a complete performer in their own right, and will be releasing several studio albums and mix CDs in 2007 and beyond, both solos and as part of the compilations HH often releases. HardHead comes with a work incentive like no other. We come ready to work, with marketing skills, street team support and management, as well as sales reps and A&R’s that help push our music to the blue collar retail, and the Mom and Pop markets throughout New England.

Puppit & D- Ruckuz are the labels owners as well as artists on the HardHead roster. Puppit brings a new dimension to his music by having innovative in your face lyrics that can appeal to a national crowd. While Ruckuz has a, “thought provoking yet catchy” appeal to his verse’s. Both are jacks of all trades, and continue to rocket HardHead to the forefront of the New England Hip Hop movement by creating new ideas and building a urban network that this region has not seen since the days of New Edition. Almost self sustaining, HardHead was founded by the duo with the intent of distributing their music to the world (starting with the New England customer base) without having to wait for a major label to recognize their talent and sign the label. Being the face of HardHead, the two come equipped with a slew of recomedations, articles in magazines daily’s and newspapers, as well as talent in the art of producing, lyricism, graphic design, entertainment business and the list goes on. A full explanation of the many facets of these two and HardHead can be found their press kit which is available by request.

HardHead’s other members Include Lifestylez, an artist and A&R from Dorchester, Mass. Nino Brown an artist from The South End of Boston. Fam & Bizz a duo from Mattapan, Mass. Harv an artist also from The South End. Stash an artist from Roslindale, Mass, and last but definitely not least is Sin the label main producers and owner of Sin Productions.

HardHead is currently finishing up work on its first full studio LP. Available for distribution, HardHead has already contracted such chains as Newbury Comics to license and sell their music. In summer 2007 HardHead will release, “The Compilation” its first fully marketable LP to New England and the World.

HardHead Records The Compilation:

HardHead Records presents a Compilation of the best and brightest entertainers and performers from the Boston metro area. Shining with the brilliance of the sun HardHead gives you a loaded 21+ album with banging beats, catchy melodies, and conceptual songs. Double H's roster is put to the forefront, showcasing not just lyricists but soul full untapped singers/ songstress's and new school production. The collaboration on this record is a must for the next level hip hop enthusiast. Productions by Sin Produktions(myspace.com/sinproduktions), and New Hood just for starters. HardHead defiantly delivers! "The Compo has been in the making for 2 years since the tremendous success of The Mixtape Vol.1 with Parker (DJ PETER PARKER). "We made the streets of Boston a living thing again from a hip-hop stand point, Now we are ready to stick our foot in the door, in order to deliver HardHead to the rest of the world." ~ CEO Puppit


HardHead Records LP List:

D Ruckuz- Through my eyes
Puppit - Puppit
HardHead Records: The Mixtape Vol. 1
HardHead Records Presents: The Compilation

The Entire Compilation will be streamed and ready for purchase by 7/27/07 ~www.myspace.com/hardheadrecord

and HH has four Brand New releases for the 08 season

Set List

**Sets are determined by time allocated and "feel' of Venue and audience.**

Our Sets generally last for about half an hour (six songs) and we mainly play tracks from the lastest release: The Compilation. Also Drawing from our past release's we always play...

Round Here: Approx 4 mins
That's What It Is: approx 5 mins
Glitz & The Glamor: approx 4 mins
Infinate HardHead: approx 5 mins
Still The Same: approx 4 mins
Tha Banga Remix: Approx 4 mins