Hardis is a Dallas based band that creates music in the likeness to groups such as Failure, The Jesus Lizard, Tool, Hum, and Queens of the Stone Age. Hardis creates a high energy indie rock show that will leave the crowd stunned and wanting more.


Hardis has grown from the roots of the Metroplex Area, slowly moving towards its destiny. The releasing of our debut self titled album, produced by Sterling Winfield. Hardis is booked all through March 2006 and the begining of April. There is also a May tour with freinds Losa, who are currently signed to Metal Blade. Hardis has kept themselves seperate from the Dallas Local scene by creating a type of music that others can't do as well as we do. In other words we suck way less than they do....We are recording another full length albumand a Live EP 5 song EP that will be ready for release by the end of the summer as well. While others seek the fortune of fame, Hardis stands for real music in a time when it is highly lacking. To book Hardis, email Hardisband@yahoo.com or message www.myspace.com/hardis There are additional songs on Hardis's Official Myspace.


Hard Hat

Written By: John Hardy

brick by brick, bit by bit
we give an inch, you take a mile
almost done, so what's the rush
you'll end up face down soon enough
Its not so bad, but you've had it rough
at least you've had a chance to smile
longhair hairstyles...gone
hard at work
hardly works
longhair hairstyle
what is this/ whats that I hear?
if youre gonna bitch...then get out

I dont mind recognition, I put myself in sight
I dont mind my condition, i put my self aside


"Hardis" Self Titled Full Album

5 Song Live EP Due Summer 2006

Set List

Depending on if we are opening for a National Act or headlining our own bill, Hardis has the ability to play within the entire spectrum of music, shaping our set to create the energy that we decide is right for the night.