Hard Kiss

Hard Kiss

 Morton, Illinois, USA

Legendary Rockstars is one of the most visual and interactive live bands you'll ever see. Stage blinders, smoke machines, confetti cannons, bubble machines are a small part of their arsenal of effects. Each rock star dresses flamboyantly and acts outrageously ridiculous. Band members enter the crowd and include the audience members in the fun. Playing a montage of greatest hits, it's not just a rock concert, or a dance party it's both and you're invited!


In Johnny V's own words:

“When my band The Moves broke up I truthfully considered quitting music. At that moment when my lineup disbanded for the second time in as many years, I was heartbroken and could hardly picture myself enjoying music again. Sometimes when you feel betrayed by things you hold most dear, you want nothing more to do with them. So I pushed music far to the back of my mind and that’s where it stayed until I was ready to put it back into my heart.

I had always wanted to record a full-length album. And after a few weeks of soul searching I realized that now was the time to do it–I had a handful of material I was sitting on and free from the confines of anyone else’s schedule, I was able to go about my project at my own pace, in my own way. Each week I sat down in my second bedroom and wrote, recorded, re-wrote, and re-recorded. I scribbled down lyrics and tore them up. I lined my closet with blankets and sang my heart out. I burned CDs to listen to my progress and threw them away by the dozen. I experimented with a million different guitar sounds. Every day I drove around in my car listening to the songs trying to ‘find’ them and eventually I did.

In the end I had ended up with 13 songs. Hot Trash. A record I wrote about abandonment, rejection, replacement, beauty, and love. I was forced to confront not only the times when I felt abandoned and alone, but also the times where I had made others feel the exact same way. And I couldn’t be more proud of the end product.

A few months ago I began searching for bandmates to help bring the release of this album to fruition and beyond. Ian and Mello are two great guys and amazing musicians who will no doubt play a large role in shaping the band’s future. I am beyond ecstatic to be releasing this album and playing live again.

So here we are. It’s finished. I haven’t quit. I did my best to take what I at first considered to be an awful situation and turn it into something with purpose–I think I’ve done that. Enjoy.



HOT TRASH - April 26, 2013

Hot Trash was self-recorded, mixed, and mastered in a modest home studio in Johnny’s Chicago apartment over several months in 2012. Recording each insturemnt entirely on his own, it was truly a labor of love.

FREE DOWNLOAD HERE: http://hardkissband.com/album/