BandHip Hop

The mental focus of Nas packaged with the calm delivery of Mase, combine to elevate one of the most important and beautiful art forms.


It's very basic. I was born in a small village located in the country of Sierra Leone. A country sitting at the very western tip of the continent of Africa. I've been living in America for about 16 years now, very long time, but not nearly long enough to have me forget about my roots and things I hold very valuable in my life. I've been living in the hood of Harrisburg, Pa from day one of setting foot in this country. What makes that fact interesting is that I've gone to private catholic schools throughout my stay here. Two totally different worlds that come together to create a mindframe that only naturally goes against every grain it's placed on. I've been writing rhymes since the 7th grade. Everything started out with simple poems that slowly but surely evolved into a full fledged rap style over time. I produce, write, and mix every single one of my tracks. It's all done in a simple studio I've saved paycheck after paycheck for. I roll solo, completly by myself. Everything I've ever learned in regards to this music thing has been done entirely by myself. I don't do it for money, not for fame, not to make a name, and definitely not for anyone else than myself and anyone who dares to have a dream or promise themselves to never leave this life the way they met it!


The Great Hustle! My debut independently released album! 16 tracks...All produced, written, and mixed by ME!

Set List

Sets usually last from 45 minutes to an hour. Covering 7 to 8 of my original songs!