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"'91 Demo"
Released independently - 1991

"Philly Dust Krew" Compilation featuring Hard Response, Dare To Defy, Starkweather & All Out War - 1991

"East Coast Assault" Compilation featuring Hard Response, Life Of Agony, Merauder, Converge, Dare To Defy, Only Living Witness, Next Step Up, Sam Black Church and others.
Released by "Too Damn Hype Records" - 1993

"Single Bullet Theory"
Released by "Gain Ground Records" - 1996

"Hostile Environment"
Released independently - 2006

"United States of Hardcore" Compilation featuring Hard Response, Wisdom In Chains, Cold As Life, Slumlords, No Redeeming Social Value, Blood In Blood Out, Pound For Pound, North Side Kings, Out To Win and others.
Released by "HateCore Records" - 2007



Formed in 1989 out of Wilmington, Delaware, HARD RESPONSE introduced their own style of Hardcore that was original and unique.
Taking influences from legendary bands such as Sheer Terror, Cro-Mags & Leeway, among others, H.R. forged their own 'sound'. Songs that grabbed the attention of Hardcore fans not only locally, but internationally as well and thrust HARD RESPONSE to the forefront.
At first the goal was simple, to play shows with bands they listened to. Two years later, H.R. recorded their first demo then began sharing stages with bands such as Sick Of It All, Sheer Terror, Killing Time, Leeway, Underdog, V.O.D. & Hatebreed.
With that demo, H.R. gained the attention of "Too Damn Hype Records" and were chosen to be part of the "Philly Dust Krew" and "East Coast Assault" Hardcore compilations featuring additional bands Life Of Agony, Merauder, Converge, Dare To Defy, All Out War, Only Living Witness & others.
H.R. toured in support of these releases, playing shows alongside Life Of Agony, Cro-Mags, Madball, Downset & Clutch.
With the success of the comps. and extensive touring, H.R. not only had the interest of Hardcore fans, but industry labels as well. Europe's "Gain Ground Records" quickly signed H.R. and released their full-length "Single Bullet Theory" in 1996.
A European tour in support of that release followed, as HARD RESPONSE teamed up with Hardcore giant 25 Ta Life and Next Step Up. H.R. was well received on their European tour, playing to crowds of 500 to 2000.
After returning to the States, H.R. was dealt some major blows. Their bass player was forced to leave the band due to personal reasons and then the death of a close friend/roadie crushed the remaining members. HARD RESPONSE decided to not continue.
Fast forward to 2006...Original members, Anthony 'Tone' Triano, Chris Caputo and Chris 'Soup' Campbell decided it was time to re-form HARD RESPONSE, adding close friends of the band; Mike Hostler (ex-Solitude) on drums and James Pierce on guitar.
As for the motivation behind a revitalized HARD RESPONSE, vocalist Tone states, "We realized that it was time for us to come back, write new songs and bring back a style that seems to be dead right now."
With a re-vamped line-up and continuing to write solid new songs, HARD RESPONSE is picking up where they left off, playing recent shows with Bloodclot, Death Before Dishonor, Madball, All Out War, Shattered Realm, Wisdom In Chains, Strength For A Reason & some powerful area 'new-bloods'.
Futhering their Hardcore legacy with strong live shows and long awaited new material from 2006's offering "Hostile Environment", HARD RESPONSE believes their latest music will bridge the gap between old fans and 'new-schoolers'.