Fights Not Forgotten is a thriving hardcore band, based out of Grimsby, ON. Improving and progressing talent since there first show FNF has played a numerous amount of shows, energizing the local crowd in every which way possible. FNF has been booked with many great and amazingly progressed bands. Bringing a powerful genre to the scene, the band tends to bring intensity and presence to each and every show.


Formed in 2007, FNF has been through the stump of various member changes leaving only one original member left in the band. This band still hasn't slacked. Hard work and time goes into every song they come up with in the writing process. For 10 kids or 110 kids, FNF will make their performance count no matter what. This band will continue writing and recording for as long as it takes for them to be noticed and respected in the music scene. We will be recording new songs very soon, and trust us. It'll be WAY more then what you expect.


Bringing Back Heart(Debut EP)