Richmond, Virginia, USA
BandHip HopPop

Ha-Rih is a sound. A new feel of music which stems directly from the roots of hip hop but continues to evolve and influence pop culture through its appeal. Such music that sheds light upon life and its situations opposed to glorifying them. A sound which lets the listener dictate what he or she will take away from it but also imposes on the sub conscious with an underlying message.


Harry Duncan (born June 1, 1989), better known as Ha-Rih is an American rapper, producer, and business mogul from Richmond, Virginia. During his adolescence Ha-Rih also known as H.R. began to show a phenomenal interest in music, in which he now refers to as his calling. After entering into the music sector as an artist and songwriter he was soon introduced into music production at the mere age of fourteen. He then began to compose tracks, as well as lyrics for himself and other local talent while attending High School. As he continued to build his name in Richmond, H.R. later turned his sights to furthering his education and music career. He soon made the decision to leave Richmond, VA and head out to Orlando, FL to attend Full Sail University.

Ha-Rih graduated from Full Sail University with a Bachelors Degree in Entertainment Business while actively working on his career. Through his attendance at Full Sail he built viable relationships with fellow artists, producers, fashion designers and engineers in efforts to further aid his success. He has worked within Full Sail student groups; such as ‘The Fraternity’, whom have worked as artist developers for Interscope Records pop sensation; Adassa.

His freshman mixtape “Digital Vinyl” was released on March 30, 2011 and will shortly be followed by his sophomore release entitled “The Syndication”, which is looking to drop in early 2012.