Hari Honzu

Hari Honzu


Ornette Coleman and Neil Young sharing a homecooked meal.


Hari Honzu plays instrumental music that moves people's bodies.
Jonathan Rossman, mentored by Ornette Coleman, plays alto saxophone with a deep emotional and melodic sense that is more comparable to a lead singer than a soloist.
Jennings, Opsvik & Christian play together as one unit with a strong sense of texture and dynamic tension & release.
The songs are not free-form jams, but rather are strong, concise statements that replace technical display with solid songwriting.
Hari Honzu is a new band, but they have played around NYC at venues such as NuBlu, Zebulon, Pianos & the Guggenheim Museum and collectively the members have toured the United States, Canada, South America, the U.K. and all of Europe supporting groups such as Blonde Redhead, Pinback and TV on the Radio.


Hari Honzu self-titled EP - released summer '07
limited edition hand printed physical release
selections streaming at www.myspace.com/harihonzu

Set List

we typically play for 45 minutes to an hour. about 12-15 songs make a full set for us - always all original material. we write new songs every time we get together, so there are a lot to choose from - here are some titles: border crossing, flying, drag, shake it, JAG, young country, cherry, surf.