Brighton, England, GBR

The sound of a young man growing up into his skin. A musician that portrays love, guilt, pride and forgiveness through his songs about lost evenings, severed relationships and the problems that every person has to face head on before they start to crack from the inside.


Mark Boniface (known as the vocalist from Brighton band Three Summers Strong) is Harker. The sound of a young man wishing to show what he has learnt from his past and how his commitment to music has shaken his life and helped him express how when you get down to the centre of things, life can actually not be that bad.

With his experience from being on the road with Three Summers Strong he has gained the love and trust from many other musicians alike and now wishes to make a record that gives the love back to these people. 'Neat Rows' will be dropping late 2011/early 2012 and contains four tracks of acoustic heartfelt Folk Punk. With a lot of influences under his belt, fans have likened the EP to sound reminiscence of 'Bon Iver ditching his mellow soothing sound and trying to write songs in vein of Jawbreaker'.

Harker is strange to say at least. Sounding as gentle as the next Elbow/Bon Iver/Northcote record with soothing harmonies, melodies and lyrics while containing the fire and Punk Rock flames of such powerful raw vocals such as Chuck Ragan/Frank Turner/Ben Nichols. With this Harker is set apart from the other acoustic acts that seems to be saturated today with many wanting to sound like the next Damien Rice or Ed Sheeran.

Harker hopes to be touring in the early part of 2011 next year in support of his release of 'Neat Rows' which will be available for free download and short physical run. The road is where he belongs and is where he will always wish to be.

For more updates and information regarding Harker please contact through the contacts given in Band Details, or visit Facebook/Tumblr for contact.



Written By: Harker

It's a pleasure, All this weather
We could surrender and feel never better
So stand tall, Or you'll start to crawl

A creation, Invention
A little salt inside your engine
Keep the faith, Or you'll start to break

So you hold it all back to be forgotten or lost,
But it never works, Your mind is throwing up
and throwing back

You're breaking, No bridging
Too much salt inside your engine
To work with, To handle

With all these hours I waist,
All these spending my days,
Look for another way to entertain,
Now it all seems short,
Bored of the records I bought
Until i'm bricked by something more.


As Three Summers Strong:

Self Titled (Acoustic Demo) CD-R EP
'If You Change The Way You Look At Things...' CD-R EP
'SPLIT!' 3 Track CD EP

As Harker:

'Neat Rows' TBA 2011

Set List

Loyal Than Most
Neat Rows
Stone By Stone
Lights Off
Do You Still Hate Me (Jawbreaker cover)
Darker Days/Colder Nights
Goodbye City Limits