Hark The Herald

Hark The Herald


Hark The Herald is a group of 4 guys from Louisville who love music. We love playing shows. We love making friends. Our music is our passion and it shows.


Hark The Herald formed in Fall of 2004 in a dorm at the University of Louisville, when I, Zack (as a Resident Assistant) and two of my residents (former drummer Jared Woods and cellist Charlie Patton) decided to jam for fun. After a few practices and a small show at the dorm we decided to push the band further eventually adding Robbie Strojan on bass and Clay Nevels on vocals. Jared, Charlie, and Robbie all had to leave the band because of school and work. We found comfort in our new drummer, Joel Eichenberger, and our new bassist Nathan Rogers. We went from playing in a dorm lobby to opening for bands like Chiodos, LoveHateHero, and Cartel. We were fortunate enough to be on the front page of Purevolume.com in February and a top unsigned band in the July '08 issue of Alternative Press. We've been touring full-time since May of '08 and plan on touring well into the fall. We will be spending the winter months demoing for our next release and then hitting the road again in the spring.

Our music is catchy enough to sing along to, yet it's heavy, without being a bunch of breakdowns (although there are a few). We all like very different music, although there is some overlap. Having a classically trained cellist in the band in combination with recording with producer Joey Sturgis who is primarily known for recording metal bands (The Devil Wears Prada, My Children My Bride) really pulls all of that diversity out of us.


On Again, Off Again

Written By: Hark The Herald, Clay Nevels

I heard you bleeding at the top of your lungs
I caught you screaming all over the floor
The cavities within, cobwebbed to bare
Controlling every aspect from her breathing to her hair

Dim the lights, hit the floor
Baby we’re moving and shaking with the intentions of keeping score
She said, “Be mean and let’s get sleazy.”
“Drink me under table, we’ll forget I’m easy.”

God knows, I’ll write you off you like that
I’ll be the first to tell you I’m in it for the glory then I jet

Let’s beg to differ about where we went wrong
Let’s kill the dreamer…

Meet me at the barricade
I’ll be at the front lines making waves
I’m feeling tipsy again and God knows she’s not sober
These lights come alive until our glory’s over

Baby please, don’t make it easy
Write us off as a fable killing all that needn’t be

Let’s beg to differ about where we went wrong
Let’s kill the dreamer so he won’t suffer long
Dim the lights, quiet on the set
Start conversations of promises I never kept

God knows kid, I’ll write you off you like that
I’ll be the first to tell you, I’m in it for the glory then I jet
I didn’t expect tiger like you
But in the end we’ll aggravate the lion’s den

A Late Night River Bank Deposit

Written By: Hark The Herald, Clay Nevels

Honey, are we doing okay? A sense of hesitation…
Static fills our ears and it turns this distraction to tension
I just won’t have the confidence, as I’m sure of that
As we’re growing up to be such fine young gentlemen
Who disguise our secrets so well in light of consequence

The stars on her hips, they perfectly align
An exhale symphony, dare you breathe without me?

I can’t believe that we were wrong
I can’t understand our haste
If falling stars signify our ending
Then let’s wish to perish with no residue or trace

“Oh sugar I beg to differ, you see I did what I had to do.”
Thank God your conscience is clear, as they tear your beauty from you

As our firm foundation falls apart
I hold no room in my mind for broken hearts

You’ll find your lover at the bottom of the Ohio


Written By: Hark The Herald, Clay Nevels

Come closer, this denial is my rite
Insert the needle (no use of my arms) I can’t fight
I beg you, cover my eyes
But your hollow skin won’t block any light

We’re making war
Out of every mountain you never conquered
We are the ones
Who scream for evidence that hasn’t been altered

I can concentrate
If this passage is safe we’ll all be in disguise
If I’m passed expired, then send me back
I’ll cut the hooks until you’re taunt and tired

We are the same, we haven’t any opposing sides
We’ll tear you in half just to see exactly how you stay alive

Gather up the wolves to attack
They’re dressed to kill in deceit and feline masks
If the sun comes up and finds us failed
Then at least we gave our lives to tell
Of how you came to be alone
You won’t see that…

At Capacity

Written By: Hark The Herald, Clay Nevels

She jumped ship before I laid an anchor
Every man portside, so that we can thank her
I felt a high wind take us, lower the mast
We’ll have to wait this one out so men don’t ask

Three months have passed without much progress
Thank God I’m the Captain full of piss and pompous

We’re going to need a bigger boat
Stocked with sighs and memories
Designed to make you choke
As we confine ourselves expecting no help
Is it savvy if the sea swallows me?

Sir, we’ve run aground, gather your things now
Leave the men, bring the women and children
I’m sure we’ll need them
As our course falters, I notice we’re taking on water
Chain the Captain to this cannon
Send news to Davy Jones with love


"Aurora" (LP) 11 tracks, released April 2008. Available on iTunes as well as many other popular outlets.

Set List

On Again, Off Again: A Late Night River Bank Deposit: At Capacity: Two If By Sea: Counterpointless:

We usually play a 25-30 minute set. As an original act, we like to keep it fresh and entertaining without taking too much time from the audience.