Harlan makes broken pop for a cracked century.


Harlan began when John Harlan Norris left his job at a Sotheby's warehouse in Spanish Harlem, NYC to spend time writing music andpainting in a mountain cabin in his native Kentucky. The cardboard
box of resulting four-track demos eventually became the Headphone Park EP. Norris then moved to Louisiana to pursue an MFA in painting. When he wasn't in the painting studio, he was in the recording studio putting together The Still Beat -- an entirely self-produced debut LP filled with lush guitars, keyboards, and Harlan's distinctive voice; a
lazy vibrato that delivers razor sharp lyrics that are sometimes heartfelt and sometimes cruel.

Now, Norris has assembled a band that injects the songs from The Still Beat with a new sense of energy and urgency. Harlan now includes Scott Campbell, Casey McAllister, John Bossier, and Britt King.

Harlan's music has been likened to bands such as Luna, The Go-Betweens, Wilco, The Replacements, and The Magnetic Fields.


The Still Beat LP (2005)
Headphone Park EP (2004)

Set List

Typical Set List is approximately 40-45 minutes: Computer Games Under the Sun, Freaks at Home, Sons & Daughters, Orchestra (by the way), The Vagrancies, The Ballads of Selective Memory, Days of Delirium, Foam Core, One Person Band, The Ill-Matched Unknowns.

Harlan also ocassionally includes a cover in its set. Harlan has covered songs by The Kinks, Blondie, and The Velvet Underground.