Harlequin League

Harlequin League

 Mount Lawley, Western Australia, AUS

With two acclaimed EP’s and high-rotation singles on national broadcaster Triple J (plus an Unearthed J Award nomination), countless national tours and an appearance at every W.A festival worthy of mention, Harlequin League have just released their Self titled debut L.P.

Produced in the band’s hometown of Perth by Andy Lawson (Eskimo Joe, End of Fashion), it serves as an infectious introduction to the culmination of 4 years of writing and performing. Swirling, delay drenched guitar melodies

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All Our Fears

Written By: Chris James, James Rogers

morning light the mouth runs dry
nothing i wouldn't do
we could always try to give it a meaning
that'll bode well for you

for you for you for you

All our fears, of what we're gonna be
All these years, have made it clear to me

smoke blows high, your name on the line
find someone else to use
anything i find, anything easy
will have to be enough for you
for you!

for you for you for you
for you for you for you

chorus x2

for you for you for youx4

chorus x2

Welcome to the fold

Written By: James Rogers

Can't let it go, the enemy is only in your mind
you will not let it show, an emotion to the notion to the notion it's unkind
screaming at a brick wall, can not stop you will not let it go
so welcome to the fold, welcome to the fold

ah ah ah ah

fingers on the string, you always need someone to tow your line
It'll never do you wrong, but there may not be nobody on your side

present the argument, the puppets will resent
welcome to the fold, welcome to the fold

ah ah ah ah


Written By: James Rogers, Ben Pooley, Chris James

It's a thick fog coming on everybody's moving on
i'm stuck in a rut shouting out..
where did you go? where did you go?
there's no use pointless draw it out and aimless
burning for the yesteryear asking
where did it go? where did it go?

i try i try so hard to play it straight
but i slip my vice commands i'm lost again
i'm never gonna change these ways x3
i'm lost again

nowhere vagabond searching for the next high
needle in a haystack but
where did you go? where did you go?
shelterless layabout looking for the easy out
not a doubt not a clue as to
where you will go where you will go