We are a metal band but a pop band at heart. For fans of Killswitch Engage, Norma Jean, The Chariot, or even The Beautiful Mistake


Once you blur the lines together between genres, it is hard to put a band into any category. That is where Harlot comes along. Harlot crosses a metalcore edge with a emo "sing-a-long" melody; it can become a risky business.

It seems lately that the scene has been evolving into something indefinable. Harlot has taken the underground world by storm, surprising their audience with every melt your face off breakdown. The energy pours out through every song, encapsulating listeners and surprising the faint of heart.

Stylistically, harlot has blended heavy hardcore breakdowns with screamo choruses that will catch the ear of any innocent bystander. On stage they can produce the masses, with the wailing lead guitar, throaty growls and solid rhythm. Many fans have compared them to Atreyu, It Dies Today, Killswitch Engage, or even The Chariot.

Harlot has proven to be a band ready and willing to expand; having already gone on 2 seperate tours from the summer of 2006 to the end of the year. In 2007, Harlot plans on touring much more and releasing a full length album in August. The development of this band will continue to grow and take their unique style to a whole new level. Along with countless shows and hours of practice every week, they have managed to put out a brand new 4 song E.P. funded all on their own and several merch designs.

Their ambition is overwhelming and no sign of relapse can be seen for this band. Harlot will probably be digging your grave in the upcoming year.

Harlot has shared the stage with:
Bullet For My Valentine
36 Crazyfists
So They Say
Chasing Victory
Flee The Seen
Across Five Aprils
An Airbag Saved My Life
Corsets Are Cages
Grace Gale
For Those Who Remember
The Skeptics


Spring 2006 - Demo
February 16th, 2007 - "Breathing on Machines E.P."