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"“Harm, Du rock métal moderne qui sonne!”"

Le métal canadien est de façon générale très technique ainsi que thrash-speed sinon death... C'est donc avec une certaine crainte que j'ai appuyé sur « play » de mon lecteur cd aujourd'hui. Pourquoi? Il y avait « The nine » de Harm dans le lecteur! Harm est un groupe canadien, ils sont d'Ontario, qui joue un métal moderne sans grandes technicité ou originalité. Le groupe est plutôt très influencé par Limb Bizkit, Korn et Distrubed. Une sauce déjà très exploitée et depuis des lustres... Cependant, Harm fait bien les choses et ce, dès l'ouverture du disque avec « The salem parade ». L'album sonne bien et les arrangements sont de qualité. De plus, le chanteur du groupe, Steve Sharpen, laisse passer une espèce de folie dans son chant. Un peu à l'image de Jonathan Davis, le chanteur de Korn. Les titres « Argue and grin » et «The chelsea smile » en sont de très bons exemples. Pour ma part, j'ai adoré les titres « Pretentcious » et « Sentimental enterprise » qui ferme le disque. Je crois que ceux-ci s'éloignent un peu des autres pièce de l'album. Elles démontrent tout le talent de compositeur de la jeune formation canadienne. Au final, « The nine » est tout simplement un bon album de rock. Oui! Du rock métal moderne qui sonne haut et fort ! - Musique d’une Nation

"“Harm - The Nine”"

"The Nine" is the second album from Canadian metallers Harm. Originally released in Europe late in 2009, the album is being re-released to reach a wider audience. The band formed in 2003 and released their debut album in 2008. This is one of those albums that is quite hard to describe. It's a metal album but there are definite grunge influences here too as well as more modern groove metal influences. The album has a lot of variety which shows lots of different influences (Tool and Queens of the stone ages for instance). Vocally it ranges from clean singing to a more screaming style. I can imagine these songs sounding pretty damn impressive live - they sound great here on the album, but deserve to be played at deafeningly loud volume to get the most out of them. An impressive album that’s well worth a listen. The Nine is out now. - FestivalPhoto.net

"“Harm - The Nine CD Review”"

These Canadian rockers open the album with a cacophony of grunge sounding guitars and these Canadian rockers then go for your knee caps and drag you through barbed wire into a heavy toil of molten groove, grunge sounding metal, as 'The Salem Parade' sets you up for a blistering metal journey. 'The Little Pariah' crashes into existence and wreaks havoc in your mind this is quite an insane number with an excellent ending. 'Philistine' continues the intensity that this band deliver in tons of molten metal, just love the deep riffs. 'Another Conspiracy' is tense and prickly, as is the brilliant meandering 'Stuck in Time'. Without a doubt and probably the best overall number on here is the smacking 'Argue and Grin'. This one rages out of your speakers and seriously gets into your head as the splitting chords abound and destroy. 'The Chelsea Smile' spirals and grooves and batters your eardrums. 'Hand Me down Virtue' is a lighter track on 'The Nine', but having said that, it still batters your senses as the song gets going, with its penetrating guitars. 'Pretentious' is grooving, intense metal where the band excel even more than you would think possible and show why they have been getting such rave reviews and making a huge noise in Canada. Final track 'Sentimental Enterprise' opens with bizarre sounding keyboards and reminded me straight away of Hawkwind! Then the guitars launch in, a really different number compared to anything else on here and thankfully not as long as some Hawkwind tracks! It’s hard to really pigeon hole this band, they ain't grunge, they ain't metal, they are everything combined and more! 'Nine' is a great album and if you haven't heard of these Canadian rockers, I am sure you and the world will soon. - The Mayfair Mallzine

"“Harm – The Nine”"

It’s funny how the mind gets biased just by reading the country of origin in a band’s bio. And yes, I also fell in this trap after reading that HARM come from Canada, since I was expecting something close to the old school Thrash that this country is so famous in the Metal scene (I hope the young metalheads share the same knowledge). Anyway, guessing the music style before hitting the play button is just a way to have fun before getting your hands dirty and actually listening to the album in question. Everything became crystal clear with the album opener “The Salem Parade” that I think carries a modern US Metal groove sound. One can track down some Corey Taylor singing influences or even mention Chris Cornell’s name going hand in hand with the Grunge guitars. It’s true that Grunge is not a music tag all the old school metalheads like to use as it is believed that the Seattle scene was responsible for the decline of Metal especially in the US. But the good thing with HARM is the heavier sound than the aforementioned scene granting them access to the METAL KAOZ reviews section. Listening closer you will identify some PANTERA finishing touches in the groovy guitar rhythms and the scattered vibrato action. Steve Sharpen has a nice timbre doing justice to the modern sound of HARM while keeping a connection with James Hetfield’s singing style of the “St. Anger” era. Take for example “Little Pariah” with the hard hitting and addictive tempo based on the down-tuned guitars and the almost “Sweete Amber” groove. The drums’ organic sound (great high hat action) fuels the band’s energy that is successfully captured in the recording in question and let’s see if you can stay still during the guitar solo that climaxes the song. Even though I am not a die-hard fan to whatever is branded as modern here in the States, HARM seem to have sugarcoated their music with Metal aesthetics to that extent that I don’t have a problem listening to “The Nine” after having mention TOOL and QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE in the band’s influences as showcased in songs like “Hand Me Down Virtue” and “The Chelsea Smile”. After all, if something is well-played, then it’s kind of stupid to excommunicate it only because there are such references. “The Nine” has its tanks filled with fuel waiting to be burnt during every HARM concert. The recording feels natural with captivating and driving grooves, perfect to channel the listener’s energy and give him a peace of mind. It is also evident that HARM have the skills to push their envelope even further and make the music sound heavier, giving more space to the guitar work that really shines during leads and solos. In the meantime, crank the volume to the maximum and let HARM explode in your audio system. I guess it’s almost impossible for Canada to let me down when it comes to Metal. 7/10 - Metal Kaoz


Album: The Nine

Single: Argue and Grin



They’ve booked packed–house shows around the region and back, including Lee’s Palace, Absinthe, Kathedral, Casbah, Red Rooster and the Horseshoe, to name a few. Harm was also a featured act at 2008’s Roger’s Spring Music Festival and performed at the Y108/..RedPipe.ca Breakout Band Challenge and Metal Queen Management’s metal festival in DownsviewPark.

Take them off the stage, and HARM further reveals themselves to be professional in all aspects of the job. Formed in 2003 their original material is extensive, hashing loudly the finer points of political prowess and emotional landscapes, combining easily with addictive melodies and empowering hooks. To coin them ‘metal’ would be a sore understatement; their sound is teeming with edgy grunge and an ever–reaching boldness that’s instantly appealing to the inner rocker in us all. Their self titled debut album released on October 24th 2008 was accompanied by a cover feature in the View Magazine and interviews on CFMU 93.3. The Fall saw the premiere of Harm’s singles “Suffer Again” “The Green” and “Uncivil Protest’ on radio, as well as on the Kill City 12 compilation, distributed by California-based label 272 records.

In May 2009 HARM began work on their highly anticipated follow up album, The Nine, with noted producer Tom Treumuth. Early on, the material for the new album showed a marked increase in intensity, performance, direction which coupled with a truly compelling set of songs promised to deliver a smashing sophomore album. Recorded, mixed and mastered in only three months the album has lived up to all the promise it initially held and beyond. The Nine was first released through Greyskull/E1 records in Europe during the fall of 2009 to glowing reviews and solid airplay. The album garnered a 12/15 from Stardust magazine in addition to a full interview, a 9/11 from Heavy magazine declaring that: “…The Nine provides roughest Metal Stuff, a dynamic rollercoaster ride with bristling variety…”, inclusion on Slam magazines CD sampler along the likes of Rob Zombie, Dropkick Murphys and Bring me the Horizon and a 4/7 from renowned Metal Hammer magazine. The stellar reviews have been accompanied by strong sales as well as regular airplay of the singles “Little Pariah” and “Another Conspiracy” in the clubs and radio stations of Europe. Truly all expectations for the release have been shattered and HARM now stands poised to bring “The Nine” to their native Canada on April 3rd 2012. Look for HARM this fall both in stores and on the road promoting “The Nine” released through Frostbyte/E1 records.