Homegrown, downhome, return-to-roots philosophy fuels Harmondale...plus harmonic intuition and a little blind faith, with the hopes of making the world a better place...one song at a time.


My music is here because it asked to be here. I am humbled by the experience of being a medium for a message. I came to Joshua Tree from Ohio on a bit of a whim...I didn't set out to "make it" with my music or anything, I was just doing what felt good and right for me in that moment. I was in need of healing and music was beckoning me, showing me the possibilities. I learned some guitar chords, moved to the desert, and then the music started flowing. The music itself is what leads me, tells me what to do next. I have also been blessed by the friendship of some very special friends (aka teachers) here in Joshua Tree who have guided and nurtured me along this path.
About the songs themselves; to put it straightforward, I play simple country melodies with soulful vocals and inspirational lyrics. I chose my lyrics with care because I believe in the power of music and lyrics to heal. I don't have much of a history as a musician, and technically I don't even know much about music. But I do believe my songs can help people feel good.


Crowded Highway

Written By: Christine Gregory/Harmondale

People come from all around
Just to sit and pray
And I watch this highway
Get more crowded everyday
I long to see you laughin'
Sittin by the pool
But I suppose you've
More important things to do

The giant clock on the wall
points at 12 and 10
It makes me look so small
But it feels like a long lost friend
I long to see you laughin'
Strummin' your guitar
I see you through the lookinglass
From wherever you are

(Chorus) Goodnight devils,
Goodbye worried blues
You've got to rewrite the story
It's as old as the day is new
We've got so many things here
Left to do
And I just pray I'm never in your shoes

And in that room
The holy spook is said
To linger on
A consecrated monument
To all that can go wrong
I see you sometimes
On the highway
Singin' in your car
You thought someday
You'd get away
But you didn't get too far


None yet! We're just getting started.

Set List

Holy Water
Crowded Highway
The Coyote Song
Just One Thing
The Law of the Land
Live Wire
My Rainbow
Peace in the Valley (trad)

He Set Me Free (Roy Acuff)
The Devil's Train (Hank Williams)
Kiss the Children (Gram Parsons)
You Don't Know My Mind (Harlan Howard)
Cover Me (Ray Woods)

I prefer to play about a 45 minute set.