Harmonica is a fresh breath at the music scene, with the ability to be both rough and fun at the same time. The music is a mixture of indiepop, danceable rock and poppunk. Harmonica is known for their amazing live acts; this is a band that is definitely worth seeing.


Harmonica (Oslo, Norway) consists of three women and two men that play danceable rock and great indie pop. Harmonica has a reputation for delivering an amazing live show with visual effects, energetic dance steps, playfulness and tons of energy. With a glamourous and energetic front figure, this is a band that is definitely worth seeing. With a mix of attitude and self irony, this band is a breath of fresh air in the norwegian music scene. Take a dash of pop and a pinch of rock’n’roll, add some good-natured punk, spice it with synthetic synth sounds and wrap it in plastic-fantastic outfits: Voilà! You’ve got Harmonica!

They’ve been invited to play with The Magic Numbers, they have played at the Norwegian Wood festival and competed in this year’s Zoom/urørt(up-and-coming) band contest. They also performed during the Øya
festival’s club nights (NO), for the last three years.

Harmonica’s rise has been further enriched by success in several demo tape competitions. In 2006 Harmonica won both the hearts and minds of the audience, and the jury, and played at the Norwegian Wood festival in Oslo.
Headliners of the festival were artists like Lou Reed, Roger Waters, Gnarls Barkley, Kent, Mew and Martha Wainwright. Many of the today’s big names in norwegian music started their careers at exactly this venue.

Harmonica participated in Scandinavia’s biggest and most important music event, by:Larm, in February this year. The band got a lot of attention both before and after the festival, both in norwegian newspapers and television. Harmonica was headed as one of the main acts at the festival. Both concerts at by:Larm resulted in packed clubs, and a 1000 people saw Harmonica during
the two concerts.

Harmonica has recently returned from Canadian Music Week(CMW) in Toronto. After three concerts, packed clubs and amazing reviews, the band was elected "the
best live act 2007", in competition with bands like The Pipettes, 22-Pistepirko and Under Byen. Over 600 bands from the whole world participated at the festival.

Harmonica was described like: "Harmonica might just be the friendliest and most fun indie band on the planet. They're a burst of musical sunshine led by three blonde bombshells and two head-turning gentlemen who charmed the audience with their coy banter, jokes, thank yous and flirting. The room was in a frenzy by
the end of the set. With uniquely honest, energetic indie pop, there's no-one out there who sound like Harmonica."

All of this witnesses a great talent, commitment, distinctiveness and ambitiousness.

Harmonica is on full speed ahead, and is considered to be one of Norway’s most exciting newcomers.
Their concerts often lead to spontaneous dancing, both onstage and off.

Harmonica is ready for another Canada tour in October 2007. The band has been invited to Pop Montreal, and the tour starts here, via Ottawa and ending in Toronto.

Harmonica is a party with umbrella drinks
-and you’re invited!



Promotion EP: "Miaow, miaow, BARK! (2006)
1. You gotta go!
2. Rocking girl
Both songs have had rotation on norwegian radio.
We also have a music video for "You gotta go!"

Set List

1. Rocking girl
2. The wondering song
3. Princess
4. I wanna dance with you
5. I am falling
6. Come on!
7. You gotta go!
8. Boys and girls (they kiss at night)
9. Get lost in the disco
10. Friday night

Our set is about 45 minutes.