Harmonica Blu Xpress

Harmonica Blu Xpress

 Greenbelt, Maryland, USA

We are a blues-based band with blues/rock and jazz influences. Vocalist Harmonica Blu is a powerhouse and versatile harmonica player who also blows alto sax on some tunes. Blu's original tunes get a great response from listeners, as do the tunes they know already. Carefully chosen repertoire.


The Harmonica Blu Xpress came together in the summer of 2010. Blu had earlier met guitarist Dave Myre at blues jams and when James Cookie Cooke showed up at a jam Blu knew he had found his bassist. Drummer Randy Pittman was playing in another band with Dave, who brought him on board.
Blu brings a love of classic blues from Chicago and the Deep South, jazz training and experience as a vocalist in the Big Apple, as well as his own blues and jazz originals to the mix. Dave and Randy bring in classic blues/rock tunes. Cookie has a broad and deep background (from Elvis tunes to jazz standards) and enables us to add faves such as Will You Love Me Tomorrow and Miles Davis' All Blues, on which Blu sings a rarely heard lyric. (Well, not so rarely now!) Dave has jazz chops on guitar. So we come at ya with a core of blues with swing, jump, classic rock, and sophisticated jazz as icing on the cake.
Blu loves to relate to the audience and get people up dancing and singing along on the refrains to his tunes Taxation Blues and Trouble with a T.


Our Demo with 7 tunes, including several originals, is available for free.

Set List

This set list does not include all of our tunes as there are new songs rehearsed and ready to go and others in the pipeline. An * indicates and original tune by Harmonica Blu (BMI)
Set 1.
1. Let the Good Times Roll (Heyyyy…Everybody…) Bb swinging shuffle, stop time segments

2. *No Right to Sing the Blues (Mean Mistreater) G
Hold tonic on verse, then shuffle

3. Hardwood Floor – (Well I lost my mind) G

4. *Trouble With a T - F Slow jazzy blues, double the first four bars of blues form. Walking bass line from tonic down.

5. All Blues Bb Slow verse with signature bass line, then double time swing on chorus

6 Autumn Leaves E minor swing, jazz

7 How Blue Can You Get E Not too slow. Stop time on refrain

8. *Long Tone Harp Blues medium fast shuffle A, G, or Bb

9.) All Along the Watchtower Aminor Dave Vocals
Set 2
10. Walkin Blues E (Blues March – strong!)

11. Goin Down Slow Jazzy sh