Harmonica Buzz Blues & Twang Songwriter

Harmonica Buzz Blues & Twang Songwriter


Harmonica Buzz connects with the spirit that makes music personal and real. Bright, gritty & energetic, Buzz combines it all to take you on roots rockin' journey through the landscape of American music.


Harmonica Buzz is JT Sunden, a Michigan roots and blues harmonica player whose reverence for the form doesn't prevent him from having a whole lot of fun on his debut album Long Way to Memphis. There are harmonicas everywhere on these songs, of course, but it would be wrong to call this a harmonica album. It really feels like a journey through American roots music with a man who just happens to carry his harps, just in case.


"I've been fortunate enough to be able to learn directly from the guy who made me want to play my instrument in the first place." says Buzz. "I learned so much from Phil Wiggins, of the blues duo Cephas and Wiggins, who really opened up the world to me. When I listen to them in many ways I feel similiar to Carl Perkins, who was a share cropper and was taught his music by black musicians across the field that I imagine played stuff very similiar to Cephas and Wiggins, except that I am a harmonica player. All those early rock guys like Chuck Berry and Fats Domino I'm really into. The recordings of modern players like Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds led me down other paths and I learned a lot of songwriting from guys like Bruce Springsteen and John Hiatt. Music is about telling stories and crossing generations I believe."


Peace for My Baby

Written By: JT Sunden

I don't want to lose my girl
I want peace ... for my baby.
So quiet now 'round the whole wide world
I want peace ... for my baby.
An eye for eye a tooth for tooth
I want peace ... for my baby.
She's staring at a burning bush
I wan't peace ... for my baby.

The rage of cells in her body calls
They want peace ... for my baby.
I need a miracle so let it be known
I want peace ... for my baby.
Free my mind let my voice be strong
I want peace ... for my baby.
For past mistakes it goes on and on
I want peace ... for my baby.

In all this time we ain't figured out war
I want peace ... for my baby
Is there a man who can break this spell?
I want peace ... for my baby.
The past it cries bring that miracle now
I want peace ... for my baby
Feed thy enemy and let fear be gone
I want peace ... for my baby
Bring me peace ... for my baby.


Harmonica Buzz : Long Way to Memphis (2002)www.cdbaby.com/harmonicabuzz

Harmonica Buzz : Peace for My Baby (2004)

Set List

Harmonica Buzz's shows are conversational ... really 'playing' the audience and pulling them in to make them feel like old friends. "You always try to show off the harp first because it is different and calls to people." says Buzz. "I like to lead off with a fast instrumental like or a call and response shuffle like 'The Blues Are Better.' Then you give them a nice slow groove that people can feel like my song 'Walk on Train' or Jimmy Reed's 'Baby What You Want Me to Do.' About that time they are looking for something familiar like Oh' Darling by the Beatles and then you can start talking to people."

"I don't like using a set list because I like looking around a room and seeing what people need." says Buzz. "At it's roots, real american muisic is about telling stories and entertaining people. Both Slim and I are loose players open to improv and so it is quite natural for us to look around the room and create a set to fit who is before us. Could be a fast song, a slow song o