Harmonic Prophecy

Harmonic Prophecy


All original, upbeat, rhythmic, crisp and soulful. An amazingly eclectic style of Rock, Reggae, Funk and Punk. The lyrics are incrincredibly well written and have substance and meaning. They’re sure to impress the masses for years to come. Easily rivaling many of the World's top leading acts.


In a brainwashed world of complete musical confusion and utter chaos, rises a new breed of musical truth and nobility. That new breed is Harmonic Prophecy. Take notice for the days of the great musical revolution are upon us and see what great things are too come! HP crosses lines, pushes boundaries, and sends the listener on a thrilling musical rollercoaster ride. The Music of Harmonic Prophecy is very diverse and not limited to just Rock & Roll, Reggae, and Punk. They appreciate all styles of music and love to play shows with all kinds of bands. Harmonic Prophecy is a very professional, highly motivated and dedicated band but they still enjoy the occasional prank and all of them remain to have a great sense of humor.
The band was officially created in the winter of 2007. The guys knew each other from working together and having the same friends throughout their time spent living in "The Biggest Little City In The World", Reno, NV where they were formed. Their influences include Sublime, Incubus, Social Distortion, Primus, Tool, Rage Against The Machine, Pennywise, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.


"Harmonic Prophecy" Self Titled EP
Track 1.) "I Don't Give A Damn" played on 100.9 KRZQ


Set List

We don't really do cover songs, per say, but we do small "odes" or tributes within some of our songs. Sort of the same thing DJ's do in clubs when they're mixing 2 songs or more together that sound very similar, most commenly known as a "Mash-Up". Not to be confused with "Sampling". We throw in some Sublime riffs or go into one of their songs called "Pawnshop". Our set list usually consists of 10-12 songs, however, we have over 20 something complete original songs. The set list usually looks like this:

Bad Dream
Real Slow
Angel's & Devil's
Any Day
I Don't Give A Damn
Lesson Learned In Time
The Path
Harmonic Prophecy (self titled song)
A Friend To Depend On
The Comeback
Hard Luck Blues
The Nasty Song

Our sets are anywhere from 45 mins. to 90 mins. This set list would be a little over 90 mins.