Harmony Waters

Harmony Waters

 Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

We are an Inspirational/Christian Rock band that seeks to encourage others with through our music.


Our music is Christian Pop Rock with a message!  Most of her songs are upbeat distortion rockin' tunes with a few  acoustic guitar ballads. We have a song called "Dreams" that is similar to Evanessence with slow minor chords that build into an explosive chorus with tons of feeling. These songs are about real life experiences that anyone can relate to. What sets us apart from others is that we come with more than just music, we come with a positive message to encourage others.


He Believes in You

Written By: Sarah Waters

Little did I see he was walking beside me but I was hypnotized by this world as a little girl didn't know what was to concieve as I walked so blindly, giving up all my being couldn't see past my dreams but he was there to believe in me.
Chorus:He believes in me beyond my wildest dreams, He believes in me even when I can't see. He believes in me because his love is true. He believes in me, He believes in you.
So many times I was disrespected. So many lies did not expect it. So many cries I felt neglected but he pulled me through. Nearly lost my mind life so hectic. Time after time I'd been rejected. Life of crime but I repented and now he's made me new. Solo/Chorus:
Sometimes things don't work out as planned cause he knows more than we can understand. but believe in his right hand cause he's the king who gives life to man. Chorus:


Written By: Sarah Waters

It's the start of a new year. Im making some changes in my life. I'm releasing all my fears, oh yeah cause I've opened up my eyes. Im gon be fine, I will keep shining with this gift of mine I won't deny it. All out of cries I will keep trying. No matter the mountain high. I will keep climbing. Chorus: Im making some changes in my life, even though its hard to face it. No I won't waiste no more time, just won't waiste it. Got to choose what is right, Got to make a sacrifice. Ive opened up my eyes.
I once was blind but now I see I tried and tried for you & me but Im not gonna die Ive got to be free So Im not holding on to my insecurities.
I said I'm gon be fine I will keep shining with God by my side I won't deny him. All out of cries I will keep trying. No matter the mountain high. I will keep climbing. Chorus: Guitar Solo: Rap: No Im not gonna play the fool its up to me to win or lose. Things have got to change in my life so I got to choose what is right for the light to shine. Gotta take a stand and hold on to what is true. My God my comfort and my confidant. He's always there for me the one I'm counting on, This time its plain to see that Im moving on cause I got to live my dreams I've got to live strong. Chorus: out

Set List

Reaching for Heaven
He believes in Me
Long Road
Promise Land
Follow You
Sing a New Song
Free Your Soul
Worship you Always
The Last Day
Our set of 10 Songs runs approx 1 hour.