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"Harmony of Lies' music is hard hitting rock with a great mix of electronic programming, creating a sound truly unique and all their own. We at KeyToSound are happy to endorse Harmony of Lies and their innovative usage of our soft-synth, NexSyn, as they continue to release great music."

-- Brian L - KeyToSound

"WONC Pure Rock FM89.1"

“You are welcome to use the quote, but also let me add to it: "Find Another Way" is the track you want to hear from these guys--and often. Very cool tunes with a great sound."
-- Nathan Ronchetti Music Director WONC Pure Rock FM89.1 - Nathan Ronchetti

"Undisovered Magaizine"

"Harmony of Lies consists of musical geniuses. The lyrics are powerful, well written, and sung with immense emotion. The music is amazing... a strong foundation for Brent Leitner's voice. Harmony of Lies is a breath of fresh air in today's music. undiZcovered Magazine has been a supporter of the band and will continue to be a supporter as we believe strongly in their work.”
-- Angel Renee, Undiscovered Magazine - Angel Renee


“Good Songs”
-- Kaj, Melodic.net - Kaj (Editor)

"MidWest Bands"

"This band is creating a unique sound in today’s electronic music market, and 'How Can I' is perfect for highlighting that sound... the song is very well put together, and very well thought out. “Breaking” is much the same! There is a lot of depth to the samples, sequences, vocal lines, and backing instruments. This recording... is representative of what can be accomplished by people who love music, and love creating music! Talent was involved in the creation of this CD! Be sure to check this group out." - Mark Lush

"Opening Bands Review"

"Vocalist Brent has an acerbic flavor which lends itself to some of the heavier songs like the machine gun fire drum machine and guitar assault of "Like This," while at the same time adding urgency to the soft warmth of tremolo strings and chip noises sampled in "Breaking."
--- Joe Pence, OpeningBands.com - Joe Pent, OpeningBands.com


1. Never Sleep - Nov. 2007

2. The Thirsting Movie Soundtrack 2006 - Featuring HOL's song "Breaking"

3. Logans Square Compliation Spring 2006 - Featuring HOL's song "Tears Today"



Among the multitude of different genres of rock bands in our culture today, a band must work extremely hard to stand out. Harmony of Lies has certainly worked hard for everything they have achieved over the past five years. Hailing from Chicago, Harmony of Lies puts a modern electronic edge to vintage overdrive, while adding a creative twist that is a style all their own. With a certain spark of timeless melody coupled with an electric atmosphere, their music successfully reaches a point above other indie rock projects. Their intense live show works well with crowds in any venue regardless of the size.

Harmony of Lies began when singer / song writer Brent Leitner took to the electronic sound after experimenting first with several other side projects. Over the years the band has worked with several talented musicians, until recently achieving their line up as it stands today. Front man Brent Leitner leads the band while his brother and lead guitar player Troy sings back up. With guitarist Dave Grey keeping rhythm, bass player Nate Kinney and the newly added drummer Dan Wind the group continues to find new ways to reinvent their musical vision.

Harmony of Lies has certainly worked hard throughout the last five years. They have played all over the college circuit, toured the US from Indiana to California having shared the stage with nationals like Wes Borlan and Tila Tequila. Keeping a firm grip on the Midwest they continue to support and headline events at popular Chicagland clubs like The Double Door, Logans Square Auditorium, The Elbo Room, The Pearl Room, Maryr's and Ottos Night Club.

When the band began recording their first full-length album they paired up with Chicago area producer Matt Mercado (Daisy Chain and Pivot Man). The band was already beginning to achieve momentum as their previously recorded single had found its way onto the soundtrack of the motion picture, “The Thirsting,” produced by Curtis Johnson (Destiny’s Child/Grammy award winner) and George Langis (Smashing Pumpkins, Mudvayne, and Material Issue).

With continued support from their fans, media and industry professionals, Harmony of Lies continues to expand their fan base while writing music and connecting with people on their own terms.