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Written By: Brian Steven Ball

She got nails that could skin a tiger, like to feel them across my back
Fantasy is her ecstasy so she keeps me coming back

Moving hips and firm tight thighs, like to feel them squeeze my love
Seductive lips, her bedroom eyes, always keeps me satisfied

Leather and chains make me feel the same when she’s not around
Leather and chains you know she’s to blame for the way I am now

She never sez never, never gets enough, you know my baby likes it rough
Wanting my pain with her whips and chains, when she plays the nurse it drives me insane

She’s so masochistic it seems so realistic, when I got her tied to the bed
Submissive and yielding keeps my mind a reeling, I don’t want to get out of bed

Leather and chains make me feel the same when she’s not around
Leather and chains you know she’s to blame for the way I am now

Sassy and excessive she is the chief executive, of the local 900 hotline
For dirty minded men who need her discipline, keeps em’ moaning and groaning on the line

She’s got the face of an angel, morals of a trucker, in every back alley along the way
Wild and undercover, oh I want to love her, I need her again today

Don't Let Go

Written By: Brian Steven Ball

Don’t Let Go

So you say your hearts a breaking from the dues you been paying
And it feels like you can’t go on
And your thinking loves a game for the posers and players
Something actors do just for fun

Chours: Well don’t let go, my love
Don’t let go my dove
Don’t let go my love

Don’t lose your heart in the race of the getting and getting
For who or what I don’t know
Just remember the loving times that we shared together
Oh nothing’s come between us before

Chours: And don’t let go my love
Don’t let our love go my dove
Don’t let go my love

Outro guitar

Mary Jane

Written By: Brian Steven Ball

Her name was Mary Jane and since I kissed her lips I’ll never be the same
She’s got me good, under my skin, you know I’m hooked

Friends tell me “just say no”, some think she’s out of control
But I’m not one to be politically correct or with the status quo

She’s got trouble with the law, but in her I see no flaw
A perfect nurse to all who are sick and alone anytime they call

Bridge: Cuz in a dirty hotel, down in East L.A.
Alone with her disease, no friends or family
She comforts her, in her misery
She’s alone with them there
Where the blind can’t see

Guitar solo

Maybe tomorrow she’ll be gone, or I’ll sing a new song
But though we’ve parted ways got nothing bad to say about Mary Jane

Cuz Love is what it is, more than a feeling or game
It doesn’t judge, lord over you or give you pain
Not my Mary Jane
No not Mary Jane