Harmony Waters

Harmony Waters

 Hollywood, Florida, USA

Harmony Waters voice is a soulful mix of Rock, Pop & R&B while her stage presence captures her audience. As a songwriter her style varies according to the music & topic she is writing about. She currently completed a Christian/Inspirational Rock/Praise album called "Long Road" sure to inspire others


Sarah "Harmony" Waters, love for singing started at a very young age. Originally from Clearwater/Tampa, Florida, she grew up singing in the school choir and went on to graduate with an AA degree consisting of mostly music related electives (Piano, music writing & sound engineering). Harmony started her career 10 years ago in the Hip Hop & R&B genre and worked with producers from NY, DC, LA & MIA, such as Scott Storch, Mark Williams, Cool/Dre, Baby Dread & Steve Gordon and writing hundreds of songs with fellow musicians. Her first album was a double album called Black & White but was unable to complete post production. After becoming a Christian, she joined a Pink Floyd Tribute band which she also wrote some original Rock songs with the Lead guitarist, George Scholz, who was also her next door neighbor and a certified Fender Electronic Technician who taught her to play Bass & guitar. Shortly after, she formed her own band "Circle of Faith" through a Christian Cafe music ministry where she performed every Saturday night in Ft. Lauderdale. She started her own recording/rehearsal studio in downtown Hollywood, FL. where she also began production of her new album "Long Road" which took almost 5 years to complete. After moving to Nashville & back to South Florida, during her travels she wrote the rest of the album & finished production in February 2011. What sets her apart from every other artist is her dedication to bringing inspirational music to the public. She started The Harmony Music Foundation in 2010 with just that cause & to help other Christian/Inspirational Artists through The Annual Harmony Music Festival and Harmony Music Association. With her drive, personality & style, she is bound to bring more "Harmony" to the world.

Harmony is available for bookings. According to Gig, she can sing alone with backup tracks & Acoustic Guitar, with accompanying musicians (vocals, percussion, guitar) or with her complete original band. Featuring: Guitarist-Matt George, Bass-Tony Alford, Drums-Gabriel Correa, Keys-Melanie Stewart & Saxaphone-Roberto Colon

"Circle of Faith" is also available for bookings: Lead Singer-Harmony & Mila Amat, Backup Singer-Genine Carew, Drummer-Manny, Guitarists-Val Henry & Paul, Bassist-Kevin Gray


Love is the Answer

Written By: Sarah Harmony Waters

Verse: There's so much pain in the world today. We've gotta share our faith. Yes Jesus can show you the way to eternal love. We've got to stand and lend a helping hand. This world is in need of your compassion. Let's start today and make a way for love to spread across the nation, across nations....
Chorus: Love is the Answer the key to heaven and here on earth. Only love will last forever with faith and hope.
Bridge: Who are we to judge the wicked to lay blame on anyone. To only God we will answer in the coming of the son.
Yes, Jesus is the Answer....


Long Road Album Songs: He Believes in Me, Promise Land, Long Road, Walk in Faith, Living Water, I Surrender, Changes, Dreams, Glory-Hallelujah, Follow You, Lift Up Your Hands, I Surrender, We Need You Lord

Video for Long Road is streaming on You Tube and video montage of her other songs from the album.

Other Songs composed to be released on her next album called Soul Diary: My Sweet Love, Holiday, Strong, Higher....

Set List

Depends on the Gig? Harmony Waters has 2 bands one for mostly her original music and Circle of Faith who does originals also with another singer, Mila Amat, & a variety of Christian Contemporary Covers.

Harmony's original Christian music Set includes:
-Long Road
-Promise Land
-He Believe in You
-Walk in Faith
-I Surrender
-Living Water
-Lift up your Hands
-I will Follow You

Christian Contemporary Covers Include:
-Amazing Love
-Amazing Grace
-More Love
-Every Move I make
-Above All
-Blessed be your name
-Only You
-Revelation Song & many more.....

Harmony also Covers: Pat Benetar, Joss Stone, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston. Janis Joplin, Alanah Miles, Melissa Etheridge, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna & Many more....