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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Email Kudos"

05/20/2003 11:10AM Subject:

Brad and I listened to your CD on our travels this weekend.....it is
great...... When your a star will your remember us.......

Thanks for thinking of giving me a copy..... It is now with our favorite


04/25/2003 09:31AM

Glad you want to be heard...you and your band are just FANTASTIC... your voice reminds me of Chris Cornell (I think that's his name) of Soundgarden... WOW! That's definitely a good thing!

04/24/2003 10:37AM Thanks for the CD... One word: WHOA.

I'll expand on that later... but I'll just say that your voice is ...uh... what's a good word to describe it keeping in mind the 'respect' thing... uh... amazing! Mmm... amazing doesn't even BEGIN to describe it... geesh...

That CD will NEVER see the bottom of a coffee cup!

04/03/2003 09:00AM Subject: CD

Excellent CD!
I had a chance to listen to it while I was stuck in traffic on the way home last night. Both songs are very good!
Dirty Maggie sounded like the music from Phineas Gage but better. I really liked That's All, it's weird but it sounded familiar. I guess that's what catchy songs are like. I was singing along to it on the way to the train this morning. I like the guitar, it sounds great and your voice suits it. Let me know when you have more songs

10/23/2003 11:42AM

Hmmm.... constructive. Hurry the heck up with your CD because I want a copy!!!!!

Seriously, the song was awesome. I was tempted to hijack your CD player and listen to it over and over and over again. I don't know much (if anything) about the process of making a CD, but the vocals and music seemed really well mixed and balanced.

Had I heard the song without knowing you it would still have compelled me to listen and want to hear it again.

I am very happy for you & am really looking forward to your show on November 4th.

10/23/200310:57 AM

You are amazing… your voice is unbelievable.

This song is the type that if I heard it on the radio, I would buy a copy of the cd for myself and all of my friends... and then when I saw a picture of the band, I would go out and buy more copies so that I could use the CD cover to wallpaper a room in my house... I'm NOT kidding.

From: Pat and Bob
To: harpband@hotmail.com
Subject: Great Sound!!!

Hi Guys – Deke played me a copy of your latest cut (I… You). Only thing I have so say is YOU GUYS NAILED IT!!! Just a great song and everything mastered perfectly. Hear you’re doing another cut.

Keep it going !!!
- Angel Greed Productions


CD Single - 1. I... You 2. Lonely Days,
Recorded Dec 2003

Peeler CD Single 1. Dirty Maggie 2. That's All

Full Length Idie Album going in to pre-production Feb 04


Feeling a bit camera shy


Harp was born on 4 Oct 2003 when friends since high-school Hallsy, Deke & Peeler connected with Garnet to test their chemistry. Named days later over 4 Irish Lagers (Harp = Mother's Milk).

These 4 boys from Brantford, ON - near Toronto, Canada - are focused one thing – making music that differentiates them from everyone else – and it’s working - all you have to do is ask the people they work for - the fans.

“They’re like no one else out there right now – they’re better!” exclaims Lisa, a fan since the first time she saw Harp live in Nov 2002.

Above all else, Harp is made up of 4 good friends: “We gelled pretty instantly – the three of us already knew each other and had a lot of respect for one another as people and musicians… when we were introduced to Garnet and had him out for a jam – it was as though the last piece of the puzzle had been found.” Hallsy 2003

“Everything we do – we do it as a group – whatever comes out of Peeler’s basement comes out with all four of us behind it.” Deke 2003

It’s a commitment to musical as well as professional excellence that sets Harp apart. Excellent sound is achieved through great musicianship, a top-notch sound system and Peeler’s voice – which has been compared to the likes of Chris Cornell, Jeff Buckley, and Bono.

"They play a couple of U2 songs in the live show - I think (Peeler) sounds better than Bono." Bruce Hall, 2002

When mixed with a fierce competitive spirit… you get the formidable musical enterprise that is Harp.

“Our drive is to be the best at everything we do – set a precedent that forces other bands and musicians to become better than they could have been on their own after experiencing Harp… we want to create and perform music that other musicians wish they made and everyone else can’t live without.” Peeler 2003

Within months of their first rehearsal they came in a hair away from upsetting a veteran band Wisconsin in Harp’s first Battle of the Bands (one deciding vote) – competing with original material that was literally days old for the band.

Next Harp goes up against 26 more bands to be named 1st runner up to a band with a major label release in Europe! Harp was a hair away from upsetting a major label band – within months of forming!!!

The signs are clearly lit that independent upstart Harp is a force to be reckoned with. Hang on to your knickers in 2004 – the year of the Harp.