Harper Bourne

Harper Bourne


Harper Bourne are an exhilarating, Spanish influenced, acoustic ensemble who perform original songs combining the cathartic nature of flamenco with a distinctly western style of song writing.


June 2009 saw the first performance of Harper Bourne. Formed by the musical partnership of Victoria Bourne and Chris Harper.

Their fresh and non traditional approach to setting both their own texts and also those of Federico Garcia Lorca has resulted in a theatrical and spellbinding collection of songs.

In performance they are led by the dynamic vocal presence of Victoria Bourne whose impassioned displays in Spanish, English and Portuguese consistently astonish all in attendance. Add to this the vibrant acoustic guitar playing of Chris Harper, the incessant driving rhythms of Jim Tetlow on Cajon and the melodic acoustic bass and 'cello playing of Dave Dhonau and you have a modern ensemble capable of cajoling any audience into an exotic, Latin induced reverie.

Harper Bourne are currently working with international percussionist Sandeep Raval (www.sandeepraval.com) on a new collection of music.

'A Land of Kisses and Volcanos' is a collaboration between Sandeep Raval and Harper Bourne exploring the coming together, development and joining of melodies and rhythms over time, as they were carried from India to Spain and subsequently disseminated throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Using music, electronics, dance and spoken word 'A Land of Kisses and Volcanos' is a celebration of mankind's common origins and desires. Combining poetry from Asia (Lalla and Rumi), Europe (Lorca and Bourne) and South America (Neruda) with musical elements from India, Spain and northern Europe 'A Land of Kisses and Volcanos' is a multifarious exploration of love, music and humanity's shared pulse.

Artistic Vision
Using instruments beyond their traditional roles and expanding upon traditional musical forms 'A Land of Kisses and Volcanos' is not merely a fusion of styles (Indian/Flamenco/Electronic) but rather a sumptuous and fresh approach to similarities of emotion and culture.

This show will go on a National UK Theatre Tour in Autumn 2011 in the UK.

Performances this year have included
BBC Radio Leicester
Demon FM Radio
The Peepul Centre
The Musician
The Y Theatre
The Phoenix Arts Centre
Cafe Bruxelles 8 week residency
Strawberry Fields Festival
Market Bosworth Festival
Eyres Monsell Arts Festival

All members of Harper Bourne have varied musical backgrounds with other successful ensembles. Detailed biographies on all members are available at www.harperbourne.com in the biography section with links to their own websites.



Written By: Lorca

Rosa futura y vena contenida,
amatista de ayer y brisa de ahora mismo,
¡quiero olvidarlas!

Hombre y pez en sus medios, bajo cosas flotantes,
esperando en el alga o en la silla su noche,
¡quiero olvidarlas!

¡Solo yo!
Labrando la bandeja
donde no irá mi cabeza.
¡Solo yo!


Written By: Lorca

El remanso de aire
bajo la rama del eco.

El remanso del aguaa
bajo fronda de luceros.

El remanso de tu boca
bajo espesura de besos.

He died at dawn

Written By: Lorca

Night of four moons
and one lone tree,
with one lone shadow
and one lone bird.

I seek in my flesh
the tracks of your lips.
The fountain kiss the wind
without touch.

I carry the No that you gave me
in the palm of my hand,

Riddle of the guitar

Written By: Lorca

At the round
6 maidens
3 of flesh,
3 of silver.
Dreams from yesterday pursue them,
but they are held fast by
a Polyphermus of gold.
Ai!, the guitar!


Cafe Rumba May 2010 Album
Riddle of the guitar June 2010 Album
Airplay on BBC radio Leicester and Demon FM.

Set List

The Riddle of the Guitar
Dressed in Black Mantles
He died at dawn
Pablo and Isabella
Cucurrucucu paloma