Harpeth Rising

Harpeth Rising

 Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Bluegrass meets British Invasion: Rich harmonies, driving instrumentals and powerful lyrics.

NEW ALBUM: Shifted, #1 Folk DJ charts August 2015


"The vanguard of a new species of progressive folk" - Jason D. Hamad, The No Surf Review

"Tender virtuoso violin solos...Andrews Sisters-like harmonies...Harpeth Rising play their cards with class and conviction." - Lee Zimmerman, No Depression

Chamberfolk: Three classically trained musicians playing original music, as intricately arranged as a string quartet, lyrically rooted in the singer/songwriter tradition, and wrapped in three-part vocal harmonies reminiscent of both Appalachia and Medieval Europe. Building from the tonal depth of the cello (or is it a bass?), layer in the shimmering sounds of a violin and the strikingly natural addition of banjo to create a sound at once familiar and impossible to categorize. Unapologetic genre-benders, Harpeth Rising fuses Folk, Newgrass, Rock and Classical into something organically unique.

The three musicians each hold classical performance degrees from some of the most venerated schools in the world: Indiana University, Oberlin, Eastman School of Music. But their classical background is only one dimension of this trio’s powerful musical voice. Hailing from vastly different parts of North America, each member of Harpeth Rising brings different influences to the core sound. Born in Brooklyn, NY, Maria Di Meglio cello, was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She was drawn to the music of her first generation Italian and Balkan roots, and grew up learning Eastern European folk songs alongside classical repertoire. She attended many classical programs throughout NYC, including LaGuardia High School (the “Fame” school), and Manhattan School of Music’s Precollege Division. Michelle Younger of Charlottesville, VA comes by her modern spin on old-time infused banjo authentically; her family has been in the United States for generations, and she is a descendent of Cole Younger, a member of the James-Younger Gang and the namesame of his very own banjo tune. Jordana Greenberg, violin, grew up listening to the sounds of Stan Rogers, Leonard Cohen and Natalie McMaster in her native Canada before moving to Southern Indiana as a child. She studied classical violin by day through the pre-college program at Indiana University, and spent her nights learning the folk tunes and classic rocks songs that her family plays at the annual post-Passover jam session.

All three women began singing after they completed their instrumental studies, and found a passionate new musical avenue. They developed their voices and arrangements to bring life to the lyrical expressiveness of their original songs. Hallmarks of their music include expansive three-part harmonies, consummate musicianship and a deft, yet soulful, lyrical perspective.

Their most recent album, SHIFTED, debuted at #1 on the Folk-DJ charts and was released to international acclaim. Tim Carroll of Folkwords wrote “Choose words to define this latest album – progressive, creative, innovative, imaginative - they all describe what’s on offer...Alternatively, don’t attempt to categorise their ingenuity with words, take the shortest route, immerse yourself in Harpeth Rising and let the music carry you with its flow.” Chris Spector at Midwest Record said “Taking Newgrass to the next dimension, taking back lyric writing as an art form, if you’ve cleaned your ears out recently, this set is going to blow your mind. One of a kind, in a class by itself and simply superlative throughout.” 


Four Days More

Written By: Jordana Greenberg

Four days more til we march upon this city
You have four more days to turn this train around
Four days more til we knock upon your armored doors
Four days more til we tread on to your hallowed ground

We’ve been watching for too long now
We’ve been waiting for the change
We’ve been trusting in your heavy hand
And giving you the stage
There were many times we doubted
There were many times we cried
There were many times we asked
If you were really on our side

Three days more...

And while the answers never came
And while the days drew dark and cold
While we sank even further
Towards what we feared the most
We let you keep on dancing
We let you keep it all
We let you keep our constitution hanging on your wall

Two days more...

We won’t come bearing weapons
We won’t break down the walls
But within your sacred houses
You will hear our battle calls
We will stand and shout our meaning
We will sing all through the night
We will wait outside your fences
Til you’re gone and out of sight

One day more...

©2013 Grimm Rising, ASCAP
Harpethrising.com jordana@harpethrising.com


Written By: Greenberg/Reed-Lunn

We did it your way 15 years
Every step of the way
I followed your lead to end of the road
And past that into the gray
You said at the end that I would be free
It would all be worthwhile
Well we did your way all of those years and
All I got to show is this smile

It’s mean and it’s a lie and it’s a damn good cover
For what’s goin’ on beneath
You could never know for sure
What’s behind these pearly white teeth
You taught me to lie with the best of them
To cheat my way to the top
To steal, to accuse, to damn, and condemn
Until they’re begging you to stop

Well you’re in my wheelhouse now
Under my command
In my wheelhouse now
And this ship ain’t headed for land

You said you were a woman of circumstance
And you couldn’t help where you came from
Your fate was determined far in advance
Your only choice was to become
The one who does or the one who is done to
And you made your decision that day
And I thank you for the lessons and your point of view
You’re the reason for who I am today


Now I must decide where we go from here
Am I just the product of your petty little fears
When I make a choice is it yours or mine
I can’t even see the damn line
We live in this prison we build over time
Caught by the chains of our own design

Day After Day

Written By: Greenberg/Reed-Lunn

Grew up drinkin’ whiskey from the bottle
Workin’ at her daddy’s antique store
Knew she’d never leave the town where she was born
Knew she shouldn’t ask for any more

Her mama died when she was only 13
She raised her brothers up quite on her own
Til one moved away and the other’s back in jail
Now it’s her and daddy all alone

And they’ve been waiting for what’s comin’ next
Just prayin’ things don’t always stay this way
And they’ve been askin’ Jack and Jose
Oh it’s the same answer day after day

Feels like lonely runs in her blood
Don’t need nobody else
She can grow old in this dusty town
Passing time by the old church bells
Some days she closes her eyes
And thinks of far away
Some days she wakes up feeling hopeful
But that feelin, it don’t stay


Twenty years and lookin’ down the road
A man came in and bought up most the town
Folks moved along sold their land for something new
But she and daddy keep on keepin’ on


Burn Away Your Troubles

Written By: Greenberg/Reed-Lunn

Some days run you ragged, just tryin’ to stay alive
And the devil keeps on pushin’ for you to take a dive
And you think you’re out of options, might be judgment day
Don’t fall for safe surrender, you’ve got one last play, you can

Burn away your troubles
Leave nothing behind
If you’re in search of grace, revenge, or just a little piece of mind, you can Burn away your troubles
Leave nothing behind

Clouds on the horizon, quickly closing in
You’ve prayed for absolution, but haven’t heard from him
And it looks like you’re alone now, and they’ll be coming soon
The answer’s clear and simple, you know just what to do

Burn away your troubles
Leave nothing behind
If you’re in search of grace, revenge, or just a little piece of mind, you can Burn away your troubles
Leave nothing behind

Flames are rising higher, devouring your sin
And it seems you’re in the clear until the fire burns your skin
And you know that they’ll still find you, beneath your coward’s cloak
And you think they might be near but you can’t see through the smoke.

Burn away your troubles
Leave nothing behind
If you’re in search of grace, revenge, or just a little piece of mind, you can Burn away your troubles
Leave nothing behind

The Sparrow

Written By: Greenberg/Greenberg

I saw the sparrow from the sky, unto the earth he fell
And Father Time just walked on by, and promised not to tell
My time is here a rich man cried, but my cup is empty now
To the shoeless gypsy, whose cup is overflowing.

Sing your praises, mark your souls
Turn your ship around
Your Gods have all forsaken you
And left you here to drown
Take my hand, we shall go on

I saw the prisoner chained with hate, unto the gallows bound
And all of us we walked on by and uttered not a sound
And the earth received him perfectly,
Her arms wrapped all around
And now we live by night and curse the darkness


I saw the youth with eyes on fire, by desire he was claimed
And righteousness his might steed, carried him through the flames
And the pilgrim he abandoned, but did not lose his way
Who is wise now, and who has just been blinded?

I saw the armies gathering, underneath the sun
And the trumpets blew and the banners flew all around the chosen ones And they all vanished in the fog, and this is what I learned
I will contemplate my fate until it’s time to take my turn


I saw a woman who could not speak, who could not hear her name
You call me what you want to take and leave me in my shame
And a man who wandered constantly, lookin’ for the key
To unlock the door to anywhere that men are truly free


You Won't Hear it From Me

Written By: Greenberg/Reed-Lunn

I know how you get the things you’re after
And I don’t mind you goin’ after me
I could use some good times, I could use some laughter
I could use some dancing out till three
Some folks ask where all of this is goin’
Is it only what it seems to be?
I might have some thoughts,
on what they think they’re knowin’
But you ain’t gonna hear it from me.

You won’t hear it from me, you won’t hear it from me
I’m too proud and I know you too well
I might be a fool, but I know sure as hell
You ain’t gonna hear it from me.

I remember all the girls before me
There might be some others right now too
And I know one day, you might just ignore me
So I know just what I’ve got to do
I’m not saying that you been dishonest
You’re exactly as you seem to be
I’m just scared as hell, you’re it but I promise
You ain’t gonna hear it from me


I’m not sayin’ my heart’s made of granite
That I can’t feel what I refuse to see
I can still hide an awful lot but damnit
You don’t know what this all does to me
Maybe one day you will finally come through
If you could say words that number three
But I don’t expect I’ll ever hear it from you
So, you ain’t gonna hear it from me

It Don't Really Matter

Written By: Greenberg/Greenberg

Down on Main street where the city fathers go
They welded all the man holes cause the truth was gonna blow
The billboard talks of paradise, it sounds just like a curse
And the money changes hands again, infections getting worse
They nailed me on the corner, said I had to take a loan
Now I’m looking for directions, a dog without a bone

It don’t really matter where the salmon learned to swim
When you’re on the plate it’s way too late, don’t take the bait like him

I got a brand new wide-screen high-definition TV
I wouldn’t want to miss a single episode of reality
I keep up with everything, I hope it don’t let me down
Gotta get the latest thing, love the sound of that ca-ching
Whatever it is I want it now, the one I got won’t do somehow
There’s a sale goin down the road, and they’re fighting there, cheek to jowl

It don’t really matter why the lion is so cruel
If the lamb lies down beside him, you know which one’s the fool

I went down to Wal-Mart where the Wally Martians are
She asked me what my name was did I have a super savings card
Said I’m just payin’ cash for this here pack of cigarettes
She called her supervisor I was placed under arrest
They took me to the parking lot, said it wasn’t funny
I was charged with failing to fall in line, behind the economy

It don’t really matter how the Zebra got them stripes
But tell me is he white on black or is he black on white

Attention wonder shoppers, we know you really can’t believe
It smells like tango butter, and it slides like axel grease
Don’t go home without it, you will never be the same
Genuine artificial imitation is the name of the game
They caught me down in hardware, tryin’ to find a screw
They gave me some toilet paper, it was the best that they could do

It don’t really matter why the monkey makes that face
I think he’s really laughin’ cause he lost the human race

Ghost Factory

Written By: Greenberg/Greenberg

The ghost factory whistles at the end of the day
And invisible men all line up for the train
Their lives are so small and their stories the same
And they all want to know why they don’t have a name

They bring you your dinner and glass of red wine
And you open the paper and read a few lines
And you close up the paper and think about time
And make one more call and turn out the light

But the dogs and the sirens won’t let you sleep
And you put on your raincoat and go out to the street
A cop passes slowly, but to him it’s quite clear
He takes one look at you and says, “nothing here.”

A few cigarettes and a cup of cold joe
And the waitress says “things have been kind of slow”
Her daughter moved in with a fellow up town
Doesn’t call any more, damn this living alone

Down along the highway in the headlights
Searching out the journeys of the night
One of them is for me and I’m waiting
And when my travelin’s done and I am laying
In the arms of time just waiting out the day
Will I dream of going or of staying
When I sail away?

Goin' My Way

Written By: Greenberg/Greenberg

I been down in the dirty, you know I been so high
Almost didn't get back from the other side
Hey mister, can I hitch a ride?
Are you goin' my way?

You're out on the ocean when the boat goes down
They leave ya there, to freeze or drown
That's when you get your gun and you go to town
Are you goin' my way

I been a grifter, been a drifter, you know I been a wheel
The only thing I never tried was gettin' real
I been around, I been a square, I been a tumbleweed
I was washed up in the belly of a whale on the beach
He was goin' my way

I know a war-time woman, you know her eyes they are blue
She can see clear through to the dark side of the moon
She's a black hair women, calls me Jack the Nave
She will roll you down like a long slow wave
She's goin' my way

I been down in the dirty, you know I been so high
Almost didn't get back from the other side
Hey mister, can I hitch a ride?
Are you goin' my way?
Are you goin' my way?



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