Harpin' Norm Lucien

Harpin' Norm Lucien

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Roots, original singer/songwriter, harmonica/lyric based



Harpin’ Norm Lucien can be found backing an array of musicians and recordings  with his harps and distinctive style. Pete Otis, Sharon Katz, Alex Shain, James Sloan, Sepa and Asorti(Lithuania), and Grainne Ryan(Peterborough) as well as backing on numerous clips on Youtube with the likes of Peter Sommes, Peter Verity, Steve Raiken, Roger Zuraw, Blake Halliday, Brian Gladstone, Glen Hornblast, Paul Cross, Nicole'Songbird' Coward, Brian Janzi to name a few!

In ‘Nashville’ Harpin’ Norm Lucien has played the famous ‘Bluebird Café’, the ‘Commodore’ the ‘Blues and Boogie Bar’, ‘Richard’s New Orleans Café’ and various festivals and benefits as he does here in Ontario!

As well as writing his own songs Harpin’ Norm Lucien writes songs for others on a freelance basis as well as translating works! Harpin’ Norm Lucien songs are now beginning to be covered by others. ‘Nicole ‘Songbird’ Coward’s recent cover of ‘Strong Enough For Love’ is making waves on the music scene, and the CD of the same name is playing on numerous stations in North America and Europe!