Harpswell Sound

Harpswell Sound


Rock, folk, roots, ballads. Mid 60's, early 90's. Rocking chairs, road trips, snow storms, and slow winters.


Harpswell Sound formed in the fall of 2002 when guitarists Ron Harrity and Trey Hughes met and began swapping material they’d been recording. Mike Dank joined on drums soon after, followed by Jonathan Takami on bass. While everyone’s musical tastes varied widely, common influences included The Band, Neil Young, The Velvet Underground, Richard Buckner and Fairport Convention. Garage and indie rock, motown, reggae, and punk were broader genres we also drew upon in those formative months.

Our first release was an ep titled “Port”, which was basically recorded while the songs were being arranged. It’s clean, stark sound represented exactly where we were at the end of that winter — getting started as a band, arranging songs and finding common ground without the benefit of years spent hanging out, drinking beer and playing music twice a week in a basement.

The next album, Skylight, was recorded in March 2004 and contained a bunch of new songs we’d been playing for a while. There were some faster, more rocking songs, some poppy ones and some that were slow and stretched out. We were comfortable with the material, with each other and with what we were trying to say, which might have been equally, “do not forsake me, oh my darling”, and “kick out the jams, motherfucker”.

In 2005 Jonathan left the band, and longtime fan Kris Day became our new bass player. We had lots of new songs to record, and we eventually holed up in a nearby school’s orchestral room for a long weekend. We figured we’d be happy if the drums came out alright, and we could get four or five songs out of the session.

Much to our surprise, we were able to record the entire album that weekend; drums, vocals, guitars, and bass — all live. These were songs that were still somewhat new and fresh to us, and we were excited to be able to record them in such a direct and unlabored manner.

In March 2006 we were approached by Kramer, of Shimmy Disc Records, who offered to mix and master our new record. It will be titled "Let's go anyway" and will be released June 13th, 2006


23 Days

Written By: Harpswell Sound

You said, you're going away

23 Days

Written By: Harpswell Sound

you said, i'm going away
we'll meet again when then there's sunnier days
i turned out the light
i went outside
i found a star bit my lip and i tried
to find the words
that always come too late
i stood in a field for 23 days
when i came back to our house
i made some coffee and a plan to get out

and all those things hanging on the wall
if i leave now i wont have to take them off
if you come back, let yourself in
the curtains are open
but the light won't shine in
and i'm long gone
not sure where
drifting seems to help the days disappear
i don't mind much if i mind at all
it's only when summer ends and the leaves fall

you know those shoes
i wore when i was off work
well i walked the color off and the soles into the earth
what do i see when i fall down
i see your face my love and i taste the ground
and i hear words, and i smell dirt
i look to heaven just to see my girl
but the sky is black as the darkest hall
and i want to believe, i want to believe
that's all

la hooo
oooh laa


Let's Go Anyway (full length, June 2006)
Skylight (full length, December 2004)
Greetings from Area Code 207 Compilation, vol 5 (2004)
Port EP (5 songs, 2003)

Set List

A typical set for us is 10-15 songs, roughly 45min–1hr. We're pretty flexible though, and have done 2 1-hour sets in a night without repeating any of our songs.