Atlanta, Georgia, USA
BandHip HopSoul

"Instead of trying to make hits for others, I write about my own life's experiences so even if only a few listen, they feel the amount of genuine thought put into my music and appreciate me more than the man who threw sweets and rotted everybodys' teeth"


Raised in Charlotte, NC, for the majority of his life, Harrell got an early introduction to music by singing in the church choir as a child. After finding it difficult to relate to his parents and piers, Harrell found a way to channel his thoughts and feelings through poetry and participated in many different events of such around the city. Growing up in a strict Christian household, rap music was strongly ostracized by his parents due to the popularity of the negative aspects associated with the genre. But after listening to 'Little Brothers' 2003 debut album "The Listening," he became obsessed in the more conscious-lyrical approach to hip-hop and decided to use his gift of poetic ability to write meaningful music that would motivate, build, and uplift. In a day where the most glorified artists seem to be those of no substance, Harrell hopes to step to the forefront of music through his unique perspective.


'First In Flight' 7 track EP that dropped early 2011
'Get It Together'
'Picture Me Rolling'