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This outrageous comedian was born December 21, 1976 as “Harris Stanton – The performer”.

Making people laugh is one of Stanton’s greatest gifts. At a very young age, Harris discovered that he could make people laugh, but sometimes it was at the expense of “getting a serious beating” by his father. He also discovered that he could connect with people, particularly a crowd. As a result, his classmates loved him because he kept them laughing. His teachers frequently sent notes home to his father, who in turn, frequently connected with Stanton’s ass.

Harris attended college in Greenwood, South Carolina to major in theater. The highlight of his early theatrical studies was the leading role in a one act play entitled “parade day”. He enjoyed the stage presence a lot and decided to try out stand up comedy.

It was in a Greenwood comedy club where Stanton first stepped on stage. Although he was nervous, Stanton’s first comedic stage appearance was successful. Not long after he was performing in other venues on a regular basis.

Since moving to New York in 1999, Harris is known in the professional comedy circuit. He toured England and parts of Europe to perform for the troops. He also appeared on Show time at the Apollo, Comedy Central’s premium Blend, which received five stars by viewer’s choice and can be seen on the hilarious webpisodes of the “Patrice O’neal show, coming soon!”