Harris Haare

Harris Haare


Just Amazing beautyfull people, with the ability to make people happy with an amazing Show and Music.


"Not many bands are discovered because of the driving abilities of a woman; The lead’s girlfriend actually managed to dent the car of the, at that time still unknown, bassist who wanted to sell the car to the future drummer. Further such coincidences would continue to occur until, one after another, the members found their way to the now five-strong band who have wreaked havoc since their formation in March this year.

That was the hour of birth of Experimental Freak Funk, which inspires creative minds and rapid pulses, and manages to shine with a single performance. It definitely won't be calm wherever Harris Haare appear!

But what is experimental Freak Funk? It's a Genre, that is lived and musically translated by Harris Haare – a mix of Funk, Groove, Rock and trashy beats, that transform a stage into a show and the show into music!"


Radio: Be in Anger - Life - Out in the rain - Hello

Set List

Set List: Hello - Good time - Rasta Queen - To be in Anger - Life - Out in the rain - Baby - She said - Yesterday - Riot - Chusta Ramba - Susan - Free Funk - Freak Show - Harris Haare Funk and if you like eaven more;-)