Harrison is power pop rock at it's best, done in the melodic realms such as the beatles to Yes and all in between. Very catchy tunes and hooks with memorable lines are enveloped with clasical chord work and harmonies and creative guitar and instument lines.


Melodical Crunch-Power-Pop, as well as magical and mystical are pretty acurate descriptions of the music of Larry Harrison. Harrison has been writing songs and playing music into his forth decade. His influences have been everthing from the broadway musicals that predated TV, such as Rogers and Hammerstein's work, to the more modern greats such as Andrew Lloyd Webber, and from the Beatles to Yes and all in between. Consisus has it that Harrison is energetic, clever, and a great listen.
It has been said that Larry writes far beyond the melody and he's always thinking of arrangements. It has also been said that there is a spiritual quality that permiates most of Harrison's music that stirrs the mind and soul.


First Album due this summer God willin.

Set List

We can do covers but probably won't at a festival.
Harrison Tunes : think Say & Do, Karma, Roll the Dice, Thrill Seeking Girl, etc. Typical set is 45 to 50 minutes.

A few would be: Golden Slumbers Medley-Beatles
Rikki don't loose that number & Reelin in the Years - Steely Dan, Story in your Eyes - Moody Blues and many more.