Harrison Hudson

Harrison Hudson

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

True pop/rock. Loud guitars and hooky melodies. Drawing from the time when rock and roll was just being born.


Harrison Hudson is a band that boasts "no frills" rock and roll. They play raw, melody and guitar driven music. HH strips away all of the decor and panache, leaving a bare bones sound that entices and satisfies.
"We decided one day to keep things simple. Ever since then we've been playing as loud and as hard as we can while still bringing a good melody... we just love a good melody."

In 2008 the band signed with indie, Favorite Gentlemen, based out of Atlanta. They are currently working on songs for a new record tentatively released in late 2010.


LP - Angel On One Side... And the Other on the Other (2006)
LP - Blood, Sweat and Sweat (2008)
Single - Indie Rock & Roll Queen (2009)

*In rotation on 100.1 WRLT Lightning 100 in Nashville, TN
"Good Love, Good Night"
"On My Heart"
"Killer Her With A Kiss"

Set List

Why How Should Could?
Kill Her With A Kiss
Baby Blues
California Girl
Out On A Limb
Old Mother Nature
It's The End
Black & White
Looks Like Somebody...
On My Heart
Good Love, Goodnight