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The best kept secret in music


"Alanah Myles"

“I may have to open for you…!”

Alanah Myles, Grammy Winning Artist - Alanah Myles

"Aardvark Records"

“At last something different. You have just made my month -
thank you!"

Andrew Reeve, Aardvark Records

- aardvarkrecords.co.uk

"A Richly Rewarding Sonic Experience"

"The opening bars of the first track, One Final Choice, heralds a sonic experience that you'll want to repeat again and again. There is not one weak track on the album. They all have their individual vibe but make for a unique, coherent whole. The vocals are outstanding, the percussion, arrangements and production are lovingly attended to. It is a complex production that achieves incredible clarity of detail. Face the Rain would make a great single release in Europe. The songs don't skimp on melody and the harmonies are to die for. Overall this album is a highly accomplished work which deserves huge success. If you like what you hear of the samples, don't hesitate. Buy the CD. You know it makes sense."

Robert Szorenyi, Cartoon Coffee - CDBaby.net

"Thought-Provoking, Cultural, Innovative Trend-Setter"

"If EBE has committed itself to the task of providing cultural music to unify people by provoking serious thoughts about our connection to all places and people in the world, this CD is the perfect sample of that purpose. The vocals are among the most powerful I have ever heard to deliver the profound, but not overly profound poetic lyrics that make the mind wonder where it has been all this time when overlooking a REAL connection with the people and places of the world. The intro to 'ONE FINAL CHOICE' reminds me of the classic band KANSAS, with a new twist of electronics. Overall, this CD asks us to calculate and reestablish our worth as people in different places by providing the first sensitive thoughts through lyrics that eventually through listening, provoke more of our own. EXCELLENT. I highly recommend 'THIS TOO SHALL PASS.'"

-JazzKicker - CDBaby.net


"Let me first say that I love the cover of this album. The music really makes me feel as if I'm coming upon earth, and space is a lot closer than I think. All of the songs here are equally as epic, but nothing here is overindulgent or too demanding. This CD allows you to space out and live your life all at the same time. Production is top-notch. 'Our World' sounds like your floating. The vocals are rich and strong. Lyrics strike a fine and beautiful balance between being straightforward and cryptic. The drumming is awesome. 'Amsterdam' makes me want to get lost, truly. The best spur-of-the-moment purchase I've made in a long time. Serene and infectious."

- CDBaby.net

"Striking The Chord"

"You've struck the chord that I thrive on. Music as a medium for global transformation. As with you, I use electronica to further the dissemination of positivety in a primarily negative environment. Bravo! As for the music, I love the atmospheric texture and wonderful, clear vocals. You've kept the structure balanced and clean. Beautiful work!"


- Mixposure.com

"On The Edge Of A Social And Cultural Revolution"

EBE : Modern Industrial Music On The Edge Of A Social And Cultural Revolution

It was the Thirteenth of January, 2001, when New York City once again found itself in the middle of another bitter and unforgivingly cold winter. Those who were smart stayed inside, the reckless ventured out to go about there business, but on 30th Street, unbeknownst to most, a revolution would begin. It was here on this night that musicians Harrison Young and Daryl Anderson would first reveal their musical creation to the world.

Then seventeen, Harrison had been performing for the majority of his life, singing and playing several instruments. By this point, he had been writing original music and producing it for about two years. Formerly a Mahwah High School student, he was now in his Senior year at Barnstable Academy in Franklin Lakes. Daryl, then twenty-two was also a seasoned performer, having played drums with several Jazz and Rock groups previously. At the time, he was also preparing to graduate from William Patterson University for Jazz drums. Together they formed the duo known as EBE, mixing electronic music with live instruments and vocals.

Having only rehearsed once before their debut on that cold winter night, nerves were high, but excitement was even higher. EBE took to the stage at 9pm, playing to a crowd of friends, relatives, and club goers. It became apparent very quickly that something special was going on, something that had great potential to affect people in ways music never had before. The sound was fresh, a genre no one had ever heard before. This was the birth of Modern Industrial music.

It is now 2004. Since that night in early 2001, EBE has released two independantly produced full-length albums of all original music, they’ve played over thirty shows in the New York City area, and in the summer of 2002, they toured the United States in support of their first album, ”The Logic Gate.”

The RAM recently had the opportunity to talk with Harrison Young via email about his accomplishments, his music, and his goals for the future. Here is our conversation:

RAM: Hello Harrison. First, could you please explain what exactly your duties are in EBE?

HY: Well, I do quite a bit. Probably the most important thing I do is produce it, meaning that I’m the one responsible for recording, editing, mixing, and mastering everything we do. It can be a pretty lofty task, but I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t want to. On a musical level, I write the songs, sing, play bass, keys, guitar, and I program the electronic sequences.

RAM: Next, I’d like to know what the name EBE means, if you don’t mind.

HY: I don’t mind at all. It’s sort of interesting actually. I’ve always been fascinated with certain topics, one of them being extra-terrestrials. So in one of my massive information searches, I found a document claiming that the Roswell UFO crash in 1947 left behind three beings of unknown origin, two dead and one alive. The document went on to say that the survivor was taken to a government facility in Dulce, NM and fiercly interrogated until the time of its death in 1953. And the last bit of information said that the scientists, for lack of a better method, decided to name it after the anagram for Extra-Terrestrial Biological Entity, or EBE. At the time I read this, it resonated with me because I felt very much like an outsider, someone who had no control over his surroundings and who couldn’t communicate well with others. I felt deeply for this being, whether fictional or true. I saw from its perspective and I decided to make it a part of me.

RAM: You have released two albums to date. The first, “The Logic Gate,” was released in December of 2002. The second, “The Death,” followed in July of 2003. How were they made and how are they different?

HY: Well, “The Logic Gate” was recorded during a very interesting time for me. I was living in Boston, living mostly at night, and making all that music. The subject matter of that album dealt with understanding what’s around you, or allowing yourself to. I imagined this threshold in everyone’s mind where as soon as they let themselves through, everything they thought they could never understand would become simple and logical. That’s what “The Logic Gate” means, aside from in actuality being a piece of computer hardware. And like I mentioned before, all our music is self-produced on my computer and I’m at the wheel, so it’s a very comfortable way to record, and more often than not, I can achieve exactly what I wanted to artistically simply because I have the freedom of being my own producer. “The Death” is our second album, which was recorded upon my return to New Jersey. As you can tell by the title, it’s a very serious album, much darker than the first, but also very hopeful. I named the album “The Death” because I believed it to imply rebirth in the context it was given in. The album tells the story of the fall of our s - The Ramsey RAM

"Infectious, Uplifting Melodies Within A Tight Sonic Framework"

A crunching mix of live and programmed beats, combined with blissful electronics and soulful, otherworldly vocals define the sound of New York duo EBE's third studio offering, This Too Shall Pass. Melding together a plethora of musical styles, recalling amongst others the sounds of early Nine Inch Nails and David Bowie, the album showcases thirteen strong, melody driven tracks that range from the ferocious opener One Final Choice to the poignant offerings of World and Amsterdam. Vocalist and songwriter Harrison Young clearly has a gift for crafting infectious, uplifting melodies within a tight sonic framework, while Daryl Anderson displays his masterful expertise on drums; creating textured, dance-inducing beats that demand attention and stand equal to the huge vocal deliveries of the talented frontman. This Too Shall Pass stands as one of the best electric/pop crossover albums in recent memory.

James Merchant
Assistant Producer
Raindance Film Festival - www.raindance.co.uk


Harrison has independently released three albums of his original music with EBE. First, "The Logic Gate" was released in 2003, followed in 2004 by "The Death." In the winter of 2005, they released their most ambitious work to date, called "This Too Shall Pass," which is available online via CDBaby and iTunes, and are currently working on their next project, to be released in 2008. Harrison is also recording a solo album, which is a much more open ended production.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Harrison Young has been on the cutting edge of modern music since the year 2000, while performing, composing, and recording with his modern rock band, EBE, all over NYC for the past six years. During that time, he has had the privilege of playing some of the most legendary venues in the US, both solo and with the band, including CBGB's, The Knitting Factory (LA and NYC), The Cutting Room, The Lion's Den, Kenny's Castaways, and so many more. Combining cutting edge electronic music with complex, mood oriented live acoustic sound, Harrison shares his vision of the future with anyone who has the ears to hear. His words and messages are poignant, prolific, powerful, and waiting for you to discover them.