Harris Trucks

Harris Trucks

 New York City, New York, USA

We'd say that the Trux shimmy between hip-swinging indie-pop and high-spirited punk-rock with live fronting that mixes equal parts Michael Hutchence, David Lee Roth, and Iggy Pop... extra points for spitting that out under 30sec?


Harris Trucks is a punk collective started by Jas B Harris to perform and tour songs written and recorded by Mr. Harris himself. An acoustic EP inspired the next EP which turned out Punk verging on Metal, and releases from this year are looking happily Dance-tastic. Harris was a kid from Arizona who moved to NYC after high school and started the Punk band, Hurry Up Offense w/his best friend, Max. The first Harris Trucks EP grew out of acoustic songs written around the time of the Hurry-Up's break-up. These days, Harris Trucks shows up to the shows as a four or five piece, sometimes w/Jas B focused on singing/hustling, one or two guitarists, electric bass, and analog drum kit.


2BU - Single
Throw Away Scratch EP