Harry and the Bipeds

Harry and the Bipeds


Harry and the Bipeds is two guys and two girls that simply enjoy playing music.


Harry and the Bipeds started as an acoustic project. Matty and Gina use to spend their spare time playing music together. A lot of the songs were jokes or incomplete but they had fun making them. Eventually, they got a few songs together and decided to start playing out as a serious band. The addition of Vivian and Mikey made it a four piece.

"We are influenced by such a broad spectrum of musicians. We were brought together as friends and family but keep playing because we love live music. We love playing out and getting our music heard." -Gina


The Gizmatron Fall EP (Fall 2007)
1. Sally and Buford
2. Shielded By
3. Stuck in the City

This was recorded in Mike Britt's garage in New Jersey.

The First Song (Early Fall 2007)
1. Apollo 18

This was the song that birthed a band. Matty and Gina recorded it on Gina's computer.

Set List

We usually play about a half hour. However, we have enough material to cover about forty-five minutes.

We do one or two covers per set but play mostly our own tunes.