Harry Harris

Harry Harris


My songs are lyrically driven and emotionally performed. In my songs I like to focus on character studies, from anonymous victims of unrequited love to more notable subjects, such as Andre The Giant. My goal is to move and to entertain, and to have people going home with a lyric in their head.


I started performing when I was 16 and quickly recorded my debut EP "Driving Songs" on an 8 track recorder. The record is a musical experiment of sorts, with me playing all the instruments including guitar, mandolin, percussion and accordion. It attracted the attention of promoters from as far away as Norwich and also the One Little Indian Artist Polly Paulusma. In 2007 Polly produced by debut full length LP which is hopefully to be released this year. I have also opened for the likes of Newton Faulkner, Anais Mitchell and Devon Sproule and gained high praise from british folk songwriters Adem and Karine Polwart, as well as attracting the attention of Steve Rusby at Pure Records.

I am influenced by great storytellers and lyricists, especially Adam Duritz of Counting Crows, Craig Finn of The Hold Steady, Mark Oliver Everett of Eels, Sam Beam of Iron & Wine and, of course, Dylan and Springsteen. I believe that my songs pay homage to these fantastic artists, when I perform I try to do their influence justice and sing songs that they would be proud of.

I am still young but I hope to take this as far as I can, and am gigging frequently to increase my following around London.


Driving Songs EP - Self released, 2006.
Middleton Street (Single) - Released 2009, played on The Acoustic Diner Podcast.

Set List

Usually my sets are a minimum of half an hour (6 songs). My last set-list was:

1. Rings
2. Portrait Of A Girl (Sleeping)
3. The Ballad of Ronnie Radford
4. Harmony
5. Theatres
6. Thirty Words For Snow

I do sometimes put covers into my set - these have included John Martyn's "May You Never", Kings Of Leon's "Use Somebody", Jimmy Webb's "Galveston" and Kanye West's "Golddigga'" - amongst others.