Harry Perry Band

Harry Perry Band

 California, USA

The Harry Perry Band a Mixed Reality Stage show with computer-generated animated 3D objects ,exciting, entertaining and uniting the love of mankind.


The Harry Perry Band has shared the stage with some incredible acts Recently Harry appeared with System of A Down at Ozzfest Summer 2006.He has also performed with Jane’s Addiction, Bob Seger, Ted Nugent, and the Stone Temple Pilots, he will continue to collaborate on tours and create entertaining shows.

Harry is also well known for his appearances in several feature films including: White Men Can’t Jump (starring Woody Harrelson), Point of No Return (starring Bridget Fonda), and Dragnet (co-starring Tom Hanks and Dan Akroyd).

Harry’s existence is still immortalized by well-known artists on murals, and he's made musical appearances in the hit videos of acts like Janet Jackson, Jane’s Addiction, The Monkees and The Gap Band. Recent TV appearances include CSI, The Carson Daly Show, The Teen Choice Awards, and UPN's "One on One." A twenty foot figurine of Harry Perry is still paraded at Disneyland, California Adventure theme park on a regular basis. He also appears in Jane's Addiction's DVD "The Gift," which is being re-released this year on Rhino Records.

Harry is the guy who skates the Venice Beach California ocean front walk singing and playing the electric guitar. He's made hundreds of national and international media appearances. He's the most recognized street player on the planet, and has now reinvented The Harry Perry Band with a new album release called Video Commander. He is launching his science fiction based rock crusade, reaching out to the millions of people who have seen his major network media appearances and who have been personally serenaded by him. He plans to tour nationally and internationally with his band to reach out to fans old and new in their local areas with his enthusiastic live musical performance on stage. He shall also continue new appearances with his band on network television and major motion pictures and commercial advertisement both nationally and internationally, as he launches his new video featuring the album title cut “Video Commander” complete with skate, dance and musical antics.


Music Maker

Written By: H Perry

From a positive position
As seen from left or right
Walks the goddess of energy

Bathing us in healing light

All the colors of the cosmos
Shown in her auroic light

As her majesty of heaven blessed
Or hearts with pleasure
By grace from above
The kiss of kingdom come


Written By: H Perry

The invasion begins
As he blinks a mystic eye
The extraterrestrial probes
Scan the Planets surface conditions
With sensors tracking for heat
From movement in the night
Sending electronic tentacles
Like an octopus God from space
The Extraterestrial
Evaluates the planet
For the quality of life support


Latest cd: "Video Commander"
"Harry Perry Skate Town Ball" CD
"Greatest Hits of The Millennium" CD

Set List

Show Time 40-50 min.


Queen of Robot World

Time Travel Freaks

Love Jet

Hot Rod Lincoln

Intro to Invaders

Video Commander

Music Maker

Guiding Force

Gambling Man