Harry T

Harry T

 New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Harry's eclectic style reflects a deep dedication to music as a transcendent art . While firmly rooted in the blues, his playing exhibits a diverse influence of folk, jazz, country, psychedelic rock, experimental music, and Carnatic raga.YouTube-htokarz


Harry began playing guitar at the age of six. He was exposed to the blues before he reached his teens, and soon developed a love for the music. He honed his chops at local blues jams, playing with the older guys and coming into his own as a guitarist. In his early teens, he was invited to sit in with the James Montgomery Blues Band. For the next few years he made guest appearances with the band all over New England. With James, he played with Steven Tyler at a benefit concert in Boston, shared the stage with guitarist Johnny A and blues harmonica legend James Cotton, and opened for B.B. King and Johnny Winter. During this time he also befriended KD Bell, a New England blues singer who featured Harry on many shows. Between 2004 and 2006, Harry played and recorded with his rock band Bad Spectrum. When he was involved with the band, Harry expanded his influences to include British and Irish folk, jazz, country, psychedelic rock and various folk and classical forms from all over the world. Now, in addition to guitar and singing, Harry is also proficient on sitar, fiddle, mandolin, doumbek, saz, bowed psaltery, and is a student of Carnatic singing. Grounded in tradition but always seeking new sounds, Harry's eclecticism exceeds the bounds of genre, creating above all a music of feeling.


Stranger in a Dream

Written By: Harry Tokarz

“Stranger in a Dream”

I’ve seen the light, gonna show it to you
This is all I want to do
I’m just trying to get through
No I won’t go down no more
It’s so hard, it’s so hard
Knowing what you really are

You are a stranger in a dream
Like a shadow on the wall
Are you even there at all

Oh my body is passing away
Fare you well, fare you well
Where I’m going I can’t tell
All the colors inside of my head
They arise, they arise
I can see them in your eyes
When the secret of love is revealed
Think of me, think of me
I’ll be there to set you free

Written and recorded by
Harry Tokarz
53 Dominican Road
Branford, CT 06405

copywritten 2010


"Bad Spectrum Travels to the Sun" recorded in 2005 with rock band, Bad Spectrum

"There's Destruction in this Land" recorded 2007-2008, solo LP

Tracks from both of these albums have been played by 99.1 WPLR

Set List

Large song repertoire, often improvised on the spot, never the same set twice