Harry Turner

Harry Turner

 Hamilton, Waikato, NZL
BandPopAdult Contemporary

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I'm passionate about pop music. I'm a non-performing songwriter and my primary ambition is to be a writer of songs that great singers will want to perform and/or record.


Playing Silly Games

Written By: Harry Turner

Vanda & Young Songwriting Competition 2009 (Submission Two)

You thought you knew all the answers
And you’d seen all there is to see
You’d had your share of failed romances
And then you noticed me

Right from the start, all we needed
Was something we have plenty of
When we’re together I still feel it
And it’s a lot like love

It’s the same silly game
We’re playing the roles of a lifetime
Like-minded souls, searching for something
I have to say, I’m happy you came to the rescue
I’d hate to be left behind (Oh no)

I can’t be sure of tomorrow
Though I’ll remember yesterday
But you’ll never find me lonely
I have you near today

(Repeat Chorus)

Unpublished Work © 2009, Harry Turner


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