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Oslo, Oslo County, Norway

Oslo, Oslo County, Norway
Band Rock Glam Rock




"...mastery you'd expect from musos twice their age."

As their name perhaps suggests, subtlety isn't a game these ferocious young Norwegians are interested in playing. Boasting a neat line in sleaze rock, their debut LP is a multi-car pile-up of single entendres, sucker-punching riffs, and yowling and licentious caterwaul, delivered by these 20-somethigns with a mastery you'd expect from musos twice their age. - AOR Magazine

"Stand out tracks like "Rich Girl" "On The Inside," "Charlemagne," "Royal Nights" and "Rock Me" make the battle victorious."

Fondati dal cantante americano Rock Hart, i Seks sono in realtà una band con base in Norvegia e Harder Than You è il loro debut album. Una buona immagine e una visione della musica prettamente 80iana fanno di questo disco un agglomerato di cliché che potrebbe far storcere il naso a chi continua a considerare demodé questo tipo di sound, anche dopo il revival glam/sleaze post Rest In Sleaze. Di certo non inventano nulla i Seks (e quelli di cui sopra avranno di sicuro qualcosa da ridire anche su questa storpiatura tipicamente hair metallara della parola “sex”), però hanno dalla loro qualche buono spunto all'interno di un songwriting chiaramente non al passo coi tempi; il rischio di sembrare dei ventenni di vent'anni fa lo corrono eccome, ma se è vero che al giorno d'oggi i cd li comprano soltanto i nostalgici dalla chioma imbiancata, forse dopotutto non hanno nemmeno torto. E allora l'infausto compito di svecchiare la proposta lo lasciano a qualcun altro, preferendo tuffarsi di testa nell'oceano di discepoli di Ratt, Poison e Mötley Crüe, magari rischiando di sbattere la capoccia e fracassarsela al primo colpo. Ma a 20 anni certi rischi si corrono, e anche se il risultato non è una standing ovation da dieci minuti di applausi, fra qualche incertezza e ingenuità, del tutto lecite su un disco d'esordio, il semplice spiccare di brani come “Rich Girl”, “On The Inside”, “Charlemagne”, "Royal Nights" e "Rock Me" rende vittoriosa la battaglia. Battaglia per una causa persa? Forse, ma se dopo tutti questi anni c'è ancora chi suona 80's hair metal, dopotutto la scena di allora non doveva essere poi così male, non trovate? - Roxx Zone

"Great surprise and revelation coming from Norway..."

Grande supresa e revelação vinda da Noruega, posso dizer isso com toda franqueza, pois tenho ouvido muitas bandas de hard rock e sleazy, e posso dizer que mesmo eles tocando estes estilo, eles possuem garra e grandes composições para uma banda ainda jovem, e com apenas esse álbum lançado.
O som destes caras lembram várias bandas, meio que eles misturaram o melhor do estilo na fase dos anos 80, com bandas mais recentes, seria como se eles misturassem em um liquidificador Ratt, Motley Crue, L.A. Guns, Guns n' Roses, Sea Rags, etc...com bandas mais atuais, como Crashdiet, Vains of Jeanna, Hardcore Superstars, etc.
Essa banda tem tudo para virar uma nova sensação do sleazy, basta ouvir a primeira faixa "Rich Girl", que conta com riffs e refrão empolgantes, belos solos, falando nisso, há a participação em solos de guitarra de outra revelação do hard rock, Julian Angel, um alemão que anda aprontando na cena hard rock.
A totalmente sleazy metal "Charlemagne" é outro destaque, e deve soar muito energética ao vivo, que te convida ao headbanging.
Outra que conta com guitarras bem trabalhadas é a próxima "Royal Nights", com riffs que te guiam até o final.
Um das melhores eles deixaram para perto do final, a totalmente cativante em seus riffs "Get Out Now".
Apoie a nova geração do hard rock, são eles que ajudam manter o espirito do rock and roll vivo, trazendo a nova geração boa música, diferente do outro lado da moeda.

Rating: 8/10 - On The Road Webzine

"This is a proud glam band with the sound and gorgeous long hair that goes with it."

Once upon a time Los Angeles and the United States were the hotbeds of glam metal. Nowadays, things seem the other way around. SEKS from Norway is led by an American, Rock Hart, transplanted from Los Angeles to Norway in order to find glam musicians!
This is a proud glam band with the sound and gorgeous long hair that goes with it. Four of these gents look darn gosh sexy. The phrasing and the metre is sometimes odd and the rhythm guitar really quiet, but SEKS is sure a hoot ion this era of ugliness and dullness. Things start hard and heavy with Rich Girl. On The Inside has weird vocals that are loud and stout. Something To Believe In is Motley circa Theater Of Pain. Not my fave Crue period for sure. This song is synthesized. Hangin’ On is the obligatory slow song. It is not only slow, but also weak. Charlemagne is a European king from 1,200 years ago for whom the band has affection. He is all over the disc, biography and insert. The song has a heavy riff. My personal favourite song here, which the band has 13, is next. Kiss might ‘Lick It Up,’ but SEKS does one better and has ‘Lick You Up.’ This is an ace of a song that has a kicking rhythm and is solid kewlness. A song like Get Out Now makes this girl wonder if the band is serious. The lyrics are more like a glam parody, you know! Rock Me is another good one with more than a nod to Ratt. The song is rocking heavy and has some of the best guitars anywhere in the 2011 glam universe. Not Far From Shallow Water is like the title says. It is poppy, light and the twinkle of the bells magnify the lack of a real song. The drums take centre stage. Never mind, there is more than enough here to make it all worthwhile.
Here is an oddly contradictory statement from the band’s biography: “SEKS wants to come and conquer YOUR city! Contact SEKS if you can bring them to your city!” Find the band’s site at http://www.seksband.com or write them at band@seksband.com. - Metallian

"If you are looking for a band that on paper does party rock but aurally has a uniqueness that is hard to put a finger on – this may well be one to give a listen..."

This is a strange album with a sound that is both unique and familiar… Sometimes the best thing about never reading other people’s reviews before I listen is getting something like this served cold! After reading a few reviews to be honest I’m not completely sure I’ve been listening to the same album!

“Rich Girl” has a touch of Reckless Love to it but less glossy and produced. It’s a great song but only really scratches the surface of the sound of a band that I still can’t decide if they are mad or geniuses, deceptively simple structures layered with influences from seventies New York New Wave to traditional party rock to Billy Bragg anyone? …

“On the Inside” replete with wolf calls has something of Halen and the same Reckless Love flavour, it’s gloriously unadorned rock, simple and naïve and that’s part of its endearing charm, with the vibe of bands like the Darkness but with somehow a New York flavour (yes I do know they are from Norway)…

“Something to Believe in” also has that summery feel of early Halen, but the screams seem somehow self-conscious which again set it aside. Vocals are also almost New York New Wave bordering on someone like the B-52s, it’s hard to describe but somehow it works.

“Charlemagne” has lyrics out of school boy metal with a sound that borders on madness but somehow it clicks into place, it’s like someone took a tried and tested metal structure and threw in some touches of West Coast seventies light airiness just for the shits and giggles…

“Royal Nights” again has that simplicity and big chorus of bands like Reckless Love but with a vibe that again recalls the pop punk of the early eighties. Is it pop? Is it rock? It’s hard to tell, depends on how loud you play it I guess!

Oh a ballad? Well “Hanging On” should be more straight forward then? Of course not! It comes across structured like Billy Bragg meets TPOH. This is just weird, but strangely draws you in…

The guitars that open “Lick You Up” scream rock but again the vocals kick in and we’re in some other place, more Moe Berg than Winger but there’s the essence of both!

“I Wanna Be You Bitch” surely must clear things up? A blistering riff and wails open a song that owes more than something to Iggy Pop and is thankfully somewhat more of a straightforward rocker! I love it.

“Forever” is another great song that picks pop above rock and sounds like a track out of time. I guess you could call it a ballad or a paean to wanting that girl to look at you, it definitely hits the TPOH button. Very cool.

“Get Out Now” and “Rock Me” are probably two of the best tracks on here and definitely rock, the former like a punky Darkness; the latter like more traditional sleaze. It’s the vocals though again that gives it that something extra like the Darkness meets The Dolls were that sonically possible!

And then when I think I’m safe just to take me out of my short-lived comfort zone “Not far from Shallow Water” that closes proceedings could be an early eighties UK alternative pop tune.

At the end of the day I guess if you love the flavour of rock but are worried about what the neighbours might think, put this on, they’ll be stunned into silence. If you are looking for a band that on paper does party rock but aurally has a uniqueness that is hard to put a finger on – this may well be one to give a listen…

Definitely the hardest album to categorise of the year! I’m still confused, but I think I like it! I have to interview these guys! Madness! - The Rock Pit

"If you like Motley Crue or Enuff Z'Nuff, with a hint of modern touch here and there, you might want to check this one out."

Seks, which also means 'Sex' in my native Indonesian language, is a Norway glam band but fronted by an American singer, Rock Hart. This reminds me of the Norwegian melodic rock legend, TNT, where the famous Tony Harnell was actually American. 'Harder Than You' is a result of Seks' roaring spirit to uplift the 80s glam but at the same time, they keep the modern edge to appeal the younger generation.

"Rich Girl" is a good track but not a very strong start for the band, "On The Inside" is a complete filler, "Something To Believe In" is pretty good actually but somehow the vocal part is a bit patchy and not my favorite here. "Charlemagne" is an interesting song, a glam track but the thrashy nuance is very thick, and the tempo is a fast strike, I swear it could be a Flotsam & Jetsam song. "Royal Nights" is the first winner here, the Motley Crue influence is obvious, the riffs are awesome, a brilliant tune.

"Hangin' On" is strangely good, a psychedelic ballad similar to Beatles' song with a more accessible chorus, the unusual composition is very unique. "Forever" is a good semi-ballad track, "Get Out Now" is like The Offspring plays glam, love the arrangement! "Not Far From Shallow Water" is another great modern rock ballad, and I think there are two or three more fillers here, such as "Lick You Up" and "I Wanna Be Your Bitch".

1/3 alternative rock and 2/3 glam portion is the best description on how 'Harder Than You' sounds. The best thing of this band is Charles McMillin's superior guitarworks. I learned from their bio that Charles is the last member to join the band after a thrilling audition and they sure pick a champion there. The vocal harmonization is also wonderful and the album has a clean and crisp production. If you like Motley Crue or Enuff Z'Nuff, with a hint of modern touch here and there, you might want to check this one out. - Metal Music Archives

"SEKS is going to be the next big thing to come out of Norway"

I am going to step out on a limb and say that SEKS is going to be the next big thing to come out of Norway -- Oslo to be precise. I listen to tons and tons of music and I'll tell you that this five pack of soon to be rock stars shooting up the hard rock/sleaze metal ladder not only have the look, but they have the skills to back up my hype.
SEKS was formed by vocalist/songwriter, and all around sleaze metal chairman of the board, Rock Hart -- he wrote the tunes you will soon be begging for more of and then he was fortunate enough to have four uber talented 20-somethings step out of the Norwegian woodwork to help take his vision, make it theirs and bring it to fruition. Aside from the skilled musicianship of bassist Tad, drummer Savage Thrilla and guitarists Charles McMillin and Gash A Lean, Rock was also fortunate enough to befriend everyone's favorite Euro-metal genius Julian Angel to contribute the tasty lead licks that make up Harder Than You.
The album is chock full of sing along, headbangin', fist-pumping sleaze metal anthems that after a couple hundred spins still keep this listener entertained and going back to the well for more. SEKS incorporates a number of your, and I'm sure their, favorite bands into their sound as I pick up bits of old school metal, glam, sleaze, hard rock and be damned if a power ballad or two aren't thrown in for good measure. Think in terms of vintage L.A. Guns, Ratt, Tigertailz, Enuff Z'Nuff, Motley Crue, Keel, TKO and then of course the new breed of Scandi rockers like Vains Of Jenna, Crashdiet, Reckless Love, etc... Album favorites as of today, and believe me they change daily and certainly all the tunes are worthy of being in regular rotation in your iPod, are "Charlemagne" (which is just a damn good sleaze metal tune), "Royal Nights" (a guitar driven rocker that invokes images of big hair and big arenas), "Get Out Now" (anthemic metal with a great rhythm riff) and "Rock Me" (a perfect hard/sleaze rock number).
If you dig music, then Harder Than You is a no brainer for you -- get the disc pronto! The band is great, the tunes are great, and be damned if it isn't our civic duty to support the youth of today so they keep churning out quality hard rock for us old farts to get all worked up about. What else is gonna get the ole blood flowing these days anyways? - Sleaze Roxx


Still working on that hot first release.



Norway's HART was formed in Oslo in early 2012 and is the new band for singer Rock Hart who is joined by lead guitarists Julian Angel and Steen Larsen. Musically, the band implements influences such as KISS, Twisted Sister, and Judas Priest, along with a visual technique that is comparable to Billy Idol.

Rock gained notoriety as the frontman of Norway's glam sensation SEKS, with a well-received album entitled "Harder Than You" released in 2011. The album received a feature in AOR magazine's sampler CD in Fall 2011 and spawned the single and music video for the fan favorite "Charlemagne." But now with a new band, a new image was needed.

Hair spiked and leather-clad, Rock Hart may carve up the short-haired punk rock posture of a certain blonde 80s bad boy, but that's not all. Being stuck in the 80s himself, Rock knew exactly who he needed as his guitar-slinging partner in crime...Beautiful Beast's Julian Angel, followed afterward by ex-SEKS guitarist Steen Larsen.

Having worked together with SEKS' previous release, Hart and Angel have formed a comradery like the great Billy Idol and Steve Stevens duo, and not only in looks. All over HART's debut album "The Conqueror", you can hear how well the two work together, with a feel that takes the listener back to the early 80s with loud guitars, wailing vocals, and huge choruses.

On June 6th, HART released their first single, "Untamed Heart of Rock N' Roll" with a video that gives a nod to the glory days of hard rock. HART's "The Conqueror" is now available in 3 formats: Digital download, CD, and limited edition Cassette.

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