Harts of Oak

Harts of Oak

 Houston, Texas, USA

Harts of Oak blends the sounds of modern and classic folk with the sound and spirit of 90's indie rock. With the differing musical backgrounds of each member, and honest, down to earth lyrics, Harts of Oak creates a unique, yet accessible sound that is both contemplative and genuine.


Harts of Oak, formed in 2010, began as a folk duo consisting of Matthew Seferian and Alex Skalany. The songs consisted of two guitars and occasionally a piano and the music was heavily influenced by folk singers like The Tallest Man on Earth, Bob Dylan, and the Two Gallants. As a two piece, Harts of Oak only performed once and took a break soon after. In 2011, these original acoustic recordings were rediscovered, produced and released on 12? vinyl by Analog Brick Records in San Antonio.

In 2011, Harts of Oak introduced drummer, Atticus Lopez, and the music began to take an entirely new dynamic.

With the addition of a drummer, Harts of Oak explored the combination of Folk Rock, Indie Rock, and Post Rock to create a distinct sound pulling from artists like Pavement, Wilco, The New Year, This Will Destroy You, and Austin local, The Eastern Sea. In 2011, Harts of Oak released their second EP, “Birds and Bees”, a collection of songs, recorded at Red Shack Studios in Houston, showcasing the wide influences of the band and displaying the new direction the music had turned to. Soon after the release of “Birds & Bees”, Harts of Oak headlined an EP release show at Mangos Cantina in Houston and a free house show showcasing other local Houston artists.

Today, Harts of Oak has records being sold in Nashville, Omaha, St. Louis, Washington, Texas, and continuing to expand every day. Harts of Oak has now released the follow up to “Birds & Bees”, “The Old States”. A 4-track farewell to their home town and previous life. The release of the EP was celebrated with an in-store performance at renowned music store, Cactus Records.


History EP
Birds & Bees EP
The Old States EP
Come and Take It single