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Brand New Day, Broken Wings, Stay Gone



Sometimes life has a way of telling you what you are going to do. For the soulful singer/songwriter/producer/engineer/multi instrumentalist Hart Steen this can seem like an understatement. Born at the age of 18, he would say, Steen has spent the past 7 years catching up on what most musicians take for granted, Music. Steen's “crossroads” experience happened in 2002 when he was given a guitar as a high school graduation gift. “I always wanted to be musical,” Steen says, “but life just seemed to get in the way. Then life changed.” After attending college for 3 semesters on a sports related scholarship, Steen had seen the light and his love for sound took over. “The urge was just too strong, I mean I had felt it before to an extent for certain things but this was to the 10th power. Truly altering.” And so with little more than a years worth of experience under his belt he set out on a journey that has yet to be settled.

Using the “in between years” as a sort of college, Steen has cut his teeth all around the south. From Austin to Atlanta, he used the time to hone his songwriting skills; writing, rewriting, singing, rewriting, learning the endless process; The art of the song. “Its so amazing. Music is where science and art really meet. Physics, math, english, psychology, sociology, and now a days electronics, binary code- they all come together here. They are all what makes music, Music. Don't get me wrong I love to just sit and write a song, but there is also something to be said in crafting a song. That takes skill, a certain savviness.” Along the way Steen has not only received affirmation, acclamation, and a sense of self in his songwriting, but also as being an artist. “Everyone wants to be an artist, and not growing up in music I had to really decide what voice was speaking, was it that primordial need for attention we all have or was it really the direction I needed to go in.” So with that call the journey took him to a place where songwriting and artistry meet. Nashville, Tn. Where he now lives. “Nashville is the East coasts City of Angels, its a mecca for a lot of people not just in the country music field but the independent rock, as well as, singer/songwriter scene.” Its here that Hart has taken on new rolls in music, both on the business end, as well as, producer/engineer.

Working out of his studio and around town, he has produced songs for local and out of town artists while all the time working to finish his own release. “Its finally culminating and I'm really excited. You learn a lot from working on other peoples music, but when its your baby the whole thing jumps to a new level, and I'm kinda anal to begin with so its taken a bit. I get it honestly, comes from my dad, so my mother says.” But the patience shines through. Playing most of the instruments, as well as, composing and arranging can seem like a daunting task but the releases show the different facets of Steen's musical ability. Be it in the Rock of the Wallflowers-esque, “Broken Wings,” the Poppy early Motown feel of “Brand New Day,” acoustic styling of “Something About a girl” and “Wait on me” or piano ballads like “Let Her Go” and “Stay Gone.” Steen has a great ear for music all around.

In a time where Major labels struggle to find a foothold with their audiences, and the ability to get art to the masses has never been easier, the new Independent has to wear quite a few hats, not just to sustain but to survive. So it seems with the way life is talking, Hart Steen will definitely be a force to reckon with in this new age of the music industry.