Boduberu, the traditional music of Maldives is a music that is yet to be discovered, unheard by many and a unique performance to witness live. It’s more than just drums and singing, but a vivid display of an Island nation’s living culture. Harubee's performance is a display of sheer human energy in singing, dance and drama. As the leading Boduberu group in the country, they are committed to bring this wonderful music to the world, for the first time, from its roots to its evolution.


Harubee are a group of young men who share a love for the traditional Maldivian music, Boduberu. Formed at the turn of the century by a few like-minded friends, the band has evolved and expanded over the years to reach the pinnacle of the music scene in Maldives. A claim backed by their triumph at the National Television's Boduberu Challenge 2010 and 2011. Their performances are heady and can whip any crowd into frenzy. They have performed at various tourism expos and major live events, most notably the recent Berlin Fair, garnering favorable reviews from critics and fans alike.


National Boduberu Challange 2010 DVD (Live)
National Boduberu Challange 2011 DVD (Live)
Debut Album in Progress..