Harvee won the Archambault Grand Prize. HARVEE opened up for the The Dears last December 14th at the Montreal Spectrum and played at Osheaga 2007. HARVEE recently was artist of the day on CBC Radio 3. See Podcast #77 - Nov 10 HARVEE is at the top on two Montreal Radio Charts.


The History

Harvee was founded in 2002 and is composed of six young musicians, aged
twenty to twenty-five, from Valleyfield area. They play a rock music where
guitars, melodica, Fender Rhodes, bass, drums, percussions, trumpets,
baritone, xylophone, and many more instruments are intermixed. Harvee’s
music has been influenced by various styles of music such as the British pop,
the folk music, the rock, and the surf to create an interesting sound mixture,
both homogenous and singular. The complexity of vocal harmonies and the
surprising arrangements along with an orchestral note is what set their
compositions apart. Harvee’s labor is centered on original compositions. With
three rehearsals a week, Harvee developed a very rhythmic, melodic and
hooky repertoire. Here are the album’s ingredients from the band’s first full
CD: Sink or Swim… recorded in the winter of 2006 with Howard Bilerman at
the Hotel 2 Tango Studio.

When Harvee's four members met
for an improvised rehearsal in
November 2002, it was obvious that
the gloomy weather and the colours
of the falling leaves were about to
give wings to the quartet.
Clearly, the past insatifaction of the
singer Philip and the guitarist
Marc-André in previous band
experiences redefined their
expectations toward music and
Band life. Meeting the drummer
Nicolas was the sum of the logic
equation. What was supposed to
be a temporary contribution of the
bassist Mathieu soon became a
long term bounded relationship with
the band.
One can sense the infectious
renewal feeling in each song they
write, giving the songs the respect
they deserve. With spring come
the same smells and colors but
each time better and somehow,
changed, more magical. The
addition of new arrangements
every show will sure give you the
will to dance untill break of dawn
and their symphonic pop tendance
will give you a glimpse of what
might be the summer to come.


Father was a gambler

Written By: Phil Guerin - Harvee

Father was a gambler

You ! Gambling on our life, Wasting all those souls.
You ! you don’t need us dying, you don’t need our souls

Let me storm your dreams
Shake you upside down
Let’s reveal your lies
Let me hear your thoughts
While you were up in there
Fishing through those clouds
I won’t spare your eyes but
Would you lose your mind
Would you lose your mind

Hey, Chère Marie...Chère Marie
You, beauty on the rise, Siren of my heart
Why don’t take the colors off the flag
It’s nothing worth our souls
Wash this muddy bloody road of ours
Like I should do



LPs Sink or Swim...

Bed for lovers
No one here
Punctured love
Remember we were sailing
Hiding Julia
Magical Mind
hundred names
This is the story of you and me
Space Girl
Half dead horses

Have a look on the www.harvee.ca video section for new songs recorded last december 14th at the Montreal Spectrum as opener for the Dears.

Set List

We usually do one set of an hour and a bit more.
Harvee have 20 original songs to present.

Punctured love

Magical mind

No one here

Hundred names

This is a story of you and me

Remember we were sailing

Hiding Julia

Father was a gambler

Space girl + finale Bed for lovers

½ dead horses

Black Jacket

Go mary Go