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"The next coming of desert rock-09/15/04"

Harvest of Souls rise from the ashes of late ‘90s arena rock in the vain of Seven Mary Three, Three Doors Down, and even Creed. Packing a hell of a wallop in only three songs these boys know how to pen a catchy ditty and lock it down with bludgeoning guitar...
Drums, vox and guitar grind out a palatable squall equal to FM staples.

To read the entire review, follow the link below
http://www.harvestofsouls.net/cutting_edge.htm - -Todd Smith / The Cutting Edge

"Harvest Of Souls has its chops down-08/28/04"

Comparisons could easily be found with groups like Soundgarden, Black Sabbath and Tool.

To read entire review, follow the link below
http://www.harvestofsouls.net/review5.html - -Tommy Hash / Alt. Culture, Guide

"Solid Hard Rock-04/24/04"

The sound is solid hard
rock with plenty of emotion and enough angst to make it bluesy. - John Venvertloh / 1340mag

"Landscape of Destruction-22/02/04"

In Brian Sutor the trio have a vocalist who powerfully veers between Plant, Coverdale, Scott and Cornell and who is more than ably equipped to ride out the punishing slavish like emotional tides that the band undertake to grind out.

To read the entire review, follow the link below
http://www.harvestofsouls.net/review2.html - -Mark Barton / Losing Today

"Three Horseman Dec 2004"

In New York City reside the three horsemen of the apocalypse. Such is the immense power of their music a fourth is not needed. 'Who' rocks like the biggest beast in all creation and 'Love Me Hate Me' is a grinding, stomping monster of a tune. There's the key word here, "tune". Because for all their rock exterior, the beating heart of the band is kept alive through the tunes that exist under the wall of sound. The noise they make is all the more amazing when you consider they are but a trio. You're also sucked into the maelstrom by the sheer power of Brian's blues-rock voice, one that even Robert Plant himself would be proud of. - Russell Baker

"Good clean musical fun and a tinge of darkness…perfect! 6/3/05"

Aside from the excellent musicianship, what is immediately apparent here is the genuine passion emanating from the vocalist, who sings his lyrics with the sincerity of someone who means what he says;

To read the entire review follow the link below
http://www.harvestofsouls.net/review7.html - Sick Among The Pure


HARVEST OF SOULS EP self released 2003



HARVEST OF SOULS was formed at the music building in NYC a few years ago. The band combines a strong rock sound with soulful lyrics and true passion from singer Brian Sutor's instantly recognizable voice.

Their self titled and self released 2003 EP kicked the switch to a new phase of their journey. The three song EP (produced by the band) features, the dynamic mid-tempo “who”, which went to #1 in dec 2004 on the top 40 chart, of the internet based New Artist Radio.

Now reaping the benefits of their hard work, Harvest of Souls is ready to take on the rock world and overwhelm audiences. The energy, devotion and creativity these three souls possess will surely take this band not only to the top, but over the edge.