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Franklin, Tennessee, United States

Franklin, Tennessee, United States
Band Christian


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Pure Life Revolution"

"Pure Life Revolution is a word that everyone must hear, then do. With great joy I highly recommend this album to you! This thing has the hot sauce on it! If we desire to see God in every area of our lives, then there must be purity in every area of our lives. The amazing news is that through Jesus, purity is possible!”--Rick Pino, Fire Rain Ministries

"Filled with testimonies and powerfully anointed music, this CD will inspire and impart a passion for purity & holiness in the listener. Don't get one copy, get 10 and share them! Release a Pure Life Revolution!" --Richy Clark, Radiant Worship - Harvest Sound


“The power, purity and very essence of the Holy Spirit has been the inspiration for this music. You can’t help but be blessed as you listen!”-Mary-Kathryn, Recording artist - Harvest Sound

"Fathers of Thunder"

“I have never heard anything like this recording. It carries powerful Revelation and Healing for entire Generations!”

--Ricky Skaggs - Grammy Award winner Musician

“This thing is off the scale! Pure prophecy! It time for the Sons of Thunder to arise! I believe that what is in this CD will trigger a pray movement that will help release of the evangelistic music that will help usher in the Greatest Harvest

--Lou Engle - Director of the Call

"Fathers of Thunder is an arrow of the Lord's victory! I have personally received a mighty impartation from this CD. You must add this album to your collection!"

--Rick Pino, Fire Rain Ministries

"A fathers blessing strengthens, empowers and releases sons into destiny. The "Fathers of Thunder" CD imparts that spirit of blessing! More than just a recording, this CD is a God encounter."

--Richy Clark, Radiant Worship

The Most Important Recording To Date in the History of Recorded Words & Music! This CD will change lives, influence history and empower generations. Father's of Thunder carries the potential to ignite a massive worldwide, end-time harvest. Listen to it from beginning to end without interruption for full effect.

--Steven Joseph, Editor, promotionsforLIFE .com

"Listen and hear what the Lord is saying through these new songs, sounds and prophetic wisdom! This CD is a call and catalyst to those that will literally be part writing the next chapter in history."

--Ray Hughes -- Selah Ministries - Harvest Sound

"Foundry Songs Volume 1"

"The Foundry Team caught something very infectious here… Intimate, Sincere, Inviting, and CONTAGIOUS! This music celebrates God’s love- sensational music straight from God’s heart!”

--Jeffery M. Richfield – Vision4Music.com

"While these finely built worship songs are executed by men who are masters of their craft, they are also eminently accessible to the rest of us. I had the pleasure of experiencing many of them in live worship soon after they were conceived, and they translate wonderfully to the studio. Whether you use this music for private worship or a group setting, the irresistible hooks and anointed lyrics will help lead you into a deeper relationship with Christ."

--Mike Toth – Police Officer / Minister - Harvest Sound


Fathers of Thunder
Lou Engle - Devotions
Foundry Songs Volume 1 - Contagious
Foundry Songs Volume 2 - By The Light
Pure Life Revolution



Harvest Sound Music Group exists to release revolutionary new music, from Kingdom-minded, creative warriors, that will penetrate culture and bring light to the darkness. For detailed information, visit our official website: www.harvestsound.com, or check our MySpace page www.myspace.com/harvestsoundmusic