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""So Desperate ... to win $5,000?""

So Desperate … to win $5,000?
March 31st, 2008
** Special Note: In honor of the last day of Finals Week, we (Alyssa, Julie, and Quinn) are profiling the artists who made it to the number one spot in their respective channels. **

Harvey’s song So Desperate, We’re Dead is one of those songs you like immediately. There’s no desperation here folks, this is SOLID indie rock! It’s the kind of song that makes you want to run just a little bit farther, drive just a little to fast and sing just a little bit too loud. (This one is getting added to my gym mix as we speak). So Desperate has all the ingredients of a Indie Pop hit - the vocals are tight, singable and inspiring and the band is tight! The drums in this piece would make Travis Barker proud! Ladies and gentlemen - I’m keeping an eye on Harvey because I’m pretty sure in the near future they’re gonna be giving Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan and My Chemical Romance a run for their money!

If you like what you hear and you want to support these Illinois born rockers in their quest for $5000 go to OurStage.com/judge and get to work!!!

http://www.ourstage.com/fanclub/thinlikenate - Ourstage.com

"Harvery - "Worst.Year.Ever.""

Harvey – "Worst.Year.Ever."

Review by Joel R. Henderson (Comeuppence Media Company)

The album starts off on a rather melancholy track, Moonbeam. But, that’s probably what’s to be expected from a song that is about a loved one passing away, and the hope therein to see them again someday. That aside, this track is really catchy and if you had never heard of Harvey before this, this will make you a fan immediately. The album then moves on to a song called Electricity. With a more chilled out vibe, the lyrics are a little repetitive, but you will be singing along before you finish listening to it the first time. It seems like a bit of a plea for people to understand what they are feeling, it’s almost like they are just thinking out loud and we are just lucky enough to be able to hear it too. Next up is Oh My God. Upbeat, poppy, yet disgruntled at the same time. The guitar work is intricate, the drums are driving, and the vocals are superb. Try to stop me from screaming this as loud as I can in my car. Probably the most catchy track on the disc. Next up is Waves. I won’t even try to interpret this track for you. Just go along for the ride. To finish up this disc is No Way Out. Surprisingly this song is the most hopeless/confused on the disc. You would think that honor would have been taken in the first song, but this is the best way they could have ended this disc. Fun dueling guitar work on this one and it goes out with a warning that once you listen it will never leave your mind.

Worst.Year.Ever.? Definitely NOT.

Go get this disc.

Joel R. Henderson

- Comeuppence Media Company


"Harvey"- 2005 EP
1. The Darkroom
2. You Should Care More
3. There's A Hole In Your Ceiling
4. The Monster Song
5. One More Time Around The Block

"Don't Talk, Just Listen" - 2006 EP
1. Satellite
2. Bottle Rocket
3. This Song Is Not About Airplanes
4. Alex (The Faker)
5. I've Seen You Naked (airplay on WLCA 89.9, and also available on MySpace)

"Worst. Year. Ever." - 2007 EP
1. Moonbeam (airplay on WLCA 89.9 and MySpace)
2. Electricity
3. OhMyGod (airplay on WLCA 89.9)
4. Waves!
5. No Way Out

"Earthworms"- 2008 EP
1. This Radio Sucks
2. Earthworms (airplay on 89.9, 105.7 The Point St. Louis and MySpace)
3. Last Words, No Lies
4. So Desperate, We're Dead (89.9 and MySpace)
5. Promise Me
6. From The Top



Harvey is the Midwest's best kept secret, hailing from Wood River, Illinois, they play dark indie rock influenced by Hey Mercedes, Park, The Get Up Kids, The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Pink Floyd. Harvey is comprised of vocalist Nate Fleming, brother Jake Fleming on guitar, guitarist Michael Burk, Justin Butler on drums and, rounded out by newly recruited bass player, Matt Beilsmith. Harvey has been together for four years and have self released three EP's. 2005's self-titled debut, 2006's Don't Talk Just Listen, and 2007's Worst Year Ever, which was recorded at Amp't Studios with Seth Henderson (The Graduate, Asteria). Maturing at a rapid rate and showing no signs of slowing down, Harvey released their newest EP, Earthworms, on June 24, 2008 and plan on recording again in September 08.

Having developed a large live following in the St. Louis area, Harvey has played almost every major venue including "The Pageant", and has opened for Hawthorne Heights, Gym Class Heroes, The Fold and My American Heart. In addition to receiving airplay on the largest rock station in the area (105.7 The Point) and the most popular college station (WLCA 89.9) they have also received endorsements from Shine drums/percussion as well as clothing company, Applicant Apparel.

Harvey, by sticking to their guns and doing what they do best, have laid the groundwork for a massive commercial breakthrough. Their music speaks for itself, while still pop, it retains an edge and intensity driven by the melodious vocal hooks and dynamic chord and time changes.

You can check out Harvey here at www.myspace.com/harvey or get their music at www.downloadpunk.com, Itunes, Smartpupnk.com, SnoCap and CDbaby. While every other band out there is imitating the imitators, Harvey carves their own niche and vow never to make the same record twice. With a solid body of work, a slew of tour dates under their belt and a growing fanbase, Harvey is set to take on the rest of the world.