Harvey Stanley

Harvey Stanley


Folk Singer/Songwriter incorporating humor with heartfelt witty lyrics.


Harvey Stanley has been writing tunes, playing gigs and bringing his musical passion to fans for the better part of 30 years. Now having signed a deal with HitStreet Records, he is here to present his debut release "Go Harvey Go".
Harvey will make you smile, and Harvey will make you cry; but the one thing you'll always get from Harvey is sincerity. We here at Hitstreet are proud to present Harvey Stanley, and be it through his crafty songwriting or witty heartfelt lyrics, we're sure you'll come to love Harvey as much as we have.


Upholstery Man

Written By: Harvey Stanley

I'm sitting here Crying
as hard as I can
Cause I just drove a staple
Up inside of my hand
The Wife don't bat an eye
No, she don't give a damn

I'm a sweat shop flunkie
I'm the Upholstery Man

I covered some old codgers
couch up with chince
But when I hand him the bill
He started to wince
That fella wanted to know
If I got an easy payment plan
I just hold out my hand

I'm not the God of finance
I'm the Upholstery Man

Workin in this dive
from 8 till 5
Try to chase the wolf from the door
How can I perservere
covering other folk's rears
till mine just aint covered no more
I should've listened to daddy
and went off to school
and got a good job like he wanted me too
But the glamour of Vinyl
was more than I could stand

Now I'm stuck in here forever
I'm the Upholstery Man

Working in this dive
from 8 till 5
Trying to keep my feet on the ground
How long can I go, pretending I know
Which way's up and and which way's down
I gotta dumpy ol shack
Machines that won't stitch
A tuck and roll headache
I'll be a son of a bitch
I should be making millions
in a rock and roll band

But I sewed up my fate
I'm the Upholstery Man
Yeah the change comes too late
for this Upholstery Man

Forum Woman

Written By: Harvey Stanley

There's a section called the forum
in a well known magazine
Where every man can find
The woman of his dreams
She's a pure domestic goddess
With Moonbeams in her hair
and thumbing through those pages
You can find her there

She's beautiful, She single
She's got no kids in her plan
She wants nothing to distract her
from doting on her man
She's intelligent, She loves sex
and she makes a ton of dough
She's the closest thing to pefect that this world will ever know

She's a Forum woman, She's a forum Woman
The fantasy of every man alive
Forum Woman, She's my Forum Woman
I'll love that girl until the day I die

When I find my forum woman
She'll never make a fuss
By saying something stupid
LIke we have issues to discuss
She'll be forever understanding
and she'll never will get sore
if I leave up the toilet seat
Or track mud across the floor
She'll like action movies
Not that foo-foo ya-ya stuff
and when it comes to yard work
She can never get enough

She'll be a corporate dynamo
for all the world to see
When she brings home the bacon
and cooks it up for me
She'll never take me shopping
or drag me to the malls
She won't nag or rag or bum me out
by trying to bust my balls
and when she's finished all her chores
and brought me all my beers
she'll lead me to the bedroom
put her feet behind her ears

cause she's my Forum Woman, yes my forum woman,
the object of every macho dream
Forum womna, she's my Forum woman,
all you fellas know just what I mean

Now I've dated lots of women
and they all say the same
that forum girls a figment
that's been planted in your brain
There's not a gal on God's green Earth
Could live up to that lie
So you just well get over her
and let that vision die
Besides you aint no Brad Pitt
You're no movie star
We're just trying to out
who the hell you think you are

There is no fairy tale for you
There is no magic wand
You just trying hard to catch a fish
that isn't in your pond
But I know my forum girl exists
I know she's not a fib
There's got to be a payoff
For giving up a rib
I'll search this world high and low
wherever she might be
Cause those good folks down at Penthouse
Would never lie to me

I'll find my Forum Woman,
yes my Forum Woman, The one that makes my every dream come true
Forum Woman, Find my Forum Woman
I will if its the last thing that I do
I'll search the world till I find her there
In her Victoria Secret Underwear
With the Moonbeams dancing in her hair
Call me Psycho I don't care
I'll keep on looking till the time Forum Woman Will be mine

No Name New York Girl

Written By: Harvey Stanley

If I close my eyes real tight
I can see her sitting in the
stillness of
the cold New England Night

The picture of her long lost dreams
shining in her eyes
reflecting all she holds inside
or so it seems

Is her heart too far gone
Has she given way too much
Is she weak or is she strong
Will she take a chance
Or has she given up on Love

She's a No Name, No Name New York Girl

Faces in the crowd I've seen
But so few can reach inside of my heart
and melt the ice
like she did to me

Share a laugh and talk for awhile
but it an instant she is gone
and all that remains is the memory
of her smile

People come and people go
they wind their way through your life
than they disappear like the signs that you pass
on a dusty old road

She stays forever in my head
just a vision that I can't shed
like the lines of a lovely poem
that I once read

So many days go passing by
Steady like the river flows
Wonder if I'll see that smile again
Something says I will
I can feel it in my soul
but I know

o the No Name, No Name New York Girl
Yeah she's a No Name, No Name New York Girl

If I close my eyes real tight
I can see her sitting in the
stillness of
the cold New England Night


Go Harvey Go 2006
Harvey Stanley 2002
Harvey Stanley EP 1998
Harvey Stanley Demo 1996

Set List

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Forum Woman
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